Doing The Write Thing Through Empowering Writers! by Patricia Sierra, David Crockett Elementary

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Why "Invest"?
Why "Invest"? We use the term "invest" to symbolize your investment in a student's future through a better education.
Category: English
Class Size: 30
Grade: K - 8th 

The thing I love about teaching writing is that it provides an opportunity for my students to express themselves. What makes it difficult is when my students aren't confident in their writing skills and they shy away from sharing their perspectives and ideas. This year I want to have a classroom of confident writers and I will achieve this by implementing Empowering Writers' methodology and lesson plans.

Empowering Writers provides all of the resources necessary to help me build confident writers. With their comprehensive guides that cover narrative, expository, and argumentative writing, my students will be able to engage with any topic and feel confident in doing so. As I look to empower and prepare my students for the 21st Century, it is critically important that they are able to effectively communicate their ideas and opinions through writing. If this all sounds amazing, this is where you come in! Your generous investment will bring the Empowering Writers curriculum one step closer to my wonderful students.

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If we do not meet our goal...

I will purchase one of the great options that allows me to integrate Empowering Writers' service into my classroom.

Patricia Sierra

Teacher, David Crockett Elementary

I'm a bilingual teacher that seeks out ways to motivate and engage students through constant professional development.

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Baytown, Texas

"Where Kids Come First" reflects Crockett Elementary School's commitment to the students who call this campus home. Everywhere you look in the school, you see the staff's genuine love for children--in the cozy atmosphere of the library, in the displays of students' outstanding work in the halls, and in the warm and loving environment of the classrooms. This home is a place where believing that all students are college bound is second nature.

Crockett has the distinct honor of being the first school in Goose Creek to achieve a "Recognized" rating from the State of Texas for our outstanding performance on the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) Test.

During the 2002-2003 school year, Crockett also was nominated for the National Blue Ribbon School award. Final notification that Crockett was selected for this prestigious award was received in September 2003 and representatives attended award ceremonies in Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

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