Improving K-12 Learning through Community Funding

A teacher's quick and easy solution to classroom fundraising

The PledgeCents Process


Come up with a cause for your students' needs.


Spread the word through social networks to reach investors worldwide.


Apply the funds raised to better educate.

How PledgeCents Helps You

Create Your Cause

Too busy to sign up your school or create a video? Let us do it for you.

Available 24/7

Have any questions? We're available to chat by email or phone.

Keep All Your Funds

Fall short of your goal? You still receive the funds you worked hard to raise.

Join The Movement

What is a movement without an identifiable symbol?

Purchase a bracelet to let others know that you support a better education

  •   Commemorate Your Impact
  •   Increase Awareness
  •   Start a Conversation

Share the bracelet with #pledgecents on Instagram

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