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Rocking and Rolling in 3rd grade on a Rocky Road Trip

Elizabeth DeMeester

With these funds I will purchase The Magic School Bus :Rocky Road Trip sets for the entire 3rd grade (5 classrooms) in my school.  We study rocks and minerals during the entire 1st quarter.  We are integrating all of our standards and subjects into our Science units.  This story goes along with this unit.  We will be using this book as our Reading piece during this unit.  These books will not only help deepen our students' understanding of rocks but it will also help with their reading skills. Coming from low income homes, our students do not get to experience different environments, particularly to see other types of landscapes.

I will be purchasing 120 books of The Magic School Bus: Rocky Road Trip through Barnes and Noble.


days left

Flocabulary Rap Computer Program makes learning fun!!

Julie Ahern

With these funds I will...purchase a classroom subscription to Flocabulary, which is an online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades K-12. My students had access to this program during the last school year and absolutely loved it. During computer 'choice time' they often chose to go to Flocabulary.

The program teaches vocabulary and skills in areas such as math, reading, science, social studies, and life skills with highly entertaining songs. They also post weekly current event videos which led to rich discussions after we viewed them. Each subject area is grouped by grade level. What was exciting is that after we finished the videos in our grade level we just kept going up the grades to enrich our learning. The site shared that in a sample of 600 students, the study showed a dramatic increase in vocabulary proficiency, with the largest gains coming from students of a lower socioeconomic status, and we are a high poverty district.

The program is $100 for the class. However, I would also like to purchase access for the students at $2 a piece, or $50. This would allow the students to use the program for an entire year. We would love your help in bringing this excellent and enriching computer program to my students for the 2015-2016 school year.

Have a look at the site:

days left

Bringing An Idea To Life

Edwin Guzman

With these funds I able to crate a work like environment in my classroom. The 2 Makerbot Replicators and supplies will allow my students to create, design and bring to life a product of their own concept. This lab would be a great opportunity for my students to incoparte the design process, design matrix, and auto-desk skill that they will acquire in class. Being apart of this process will allow my students to take ownership of their ideas. Being a Title 1 school creates many issues that don't allow my students to experience all the products that can make learning fun for them. You can really make an impact with my students by investing in our cause. The 2 Makerbot Replicators are $2,899 each (a total of $4,798.). The 10 rolls of filament at are $48 each (a total of $480). The 2 smart extruders are $175 each (a total of $350). In addition, we also would like to purchase a one-year Makerbot MakeCare protection Plan. The items can be viewed at




The reason that I feel that my students deserve the opportunity to use the resources is that I want my students who come from the low and middle income population, to have the best available experience possible. Your kindness will go a long way to allow this to happen. Thank you! 

days left

Culture Cultivation Camp (AKA HTHNC 9th Grade Retreat!)

Michelle Sadrena Clark

With these funds the entire 9th grade will engage in a two day retreat to cultivate culture and a positive start to their high school career!  The retreat will include team building, trust building, and work ethic exercises that will ultimately translate into their academic work during the school year.  Entering high school can be a time of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty which is why the 9th grade teachers would like to eliminate or reduce those feelings and replace them with security, enthusiasm, and confidence.  The theme of our camp is centered around academic mindsets, in other words we want to students to feel a sense of belonging, to believe that abilities can change through effort, to understand that success is possible, and to engage in work that has value and purpose.  


The venue for our retreat is Laguna Campgrounds because we want our students to be as far away from technological distractions so that they can focus on the truth and beauty of nature and human interaction. The campground information is included below:


Laguna Campground is a great mountain getaway just one hour east of San Diego, California in the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area. Campers can enjoy cooler temperatures, unique natural areas and an extensive trail system at this mountain facility from summer through early fall.

Natural Features:

The campground sits at an elevation of 6,000 ft. in the Laguna Mountains. It is forested with pines and oaks that provide plenty of shade, in addition to a meadow. The area is home to many species of birds, as well as the endangered Laguna Skipper butterfly.

Little Laguna lake is located just a short distance from the campground and is an excellent hiking destination for photographers and visitors looking to explore the area.


The Laguna Mountain Recreation Area is known for great horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking trails. Visitors can get their boots dusty on the Laguna Meadow Trail system or access a segment of the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail, which runs from California to the State of Washington. 

Wildflowers are usually abundant in April and May on the Big Laguna Trail, which takes visitors past Big Laguna Lake. In wet years there is water in Big Laguna Lake by December or January and ducks and other birds can be found. 

The trail presents a number of options to the user. A return to the trailhead parking can be made by cutting through the Laguna Campground or by taking the Pacific Crest Trail north. 

Families can learn about the area's flora and fauna by attending educational programs at the facility's amphitheater. Or for history buffs, the El Prado Cabin located at nearby El Prado Campground, is the first ranger cabin built in the Cleveland National Forest in 1911. 

The San Diego State University Observatory also sponsors "Star Parties" for campers most Saturday evenings during the summer (schedule can be obtained at the nearby visitor center or by calling 619-473-8547).


This large facility has five loops of campsites, with sites fairly close to one another. One campsite meets accessibility standards. The facility is equipped with campfire rings, flush toilet restrooms and coin-operated showers. 

Part of the campground is fenced off to protect the habitat of the endangered Laguna Skipper butterfly. Visitors are asked to respect the fence boundary and comply with the maximum site occupancy.




Here are the details regrading how the money will be invested:


We will be staying for 3 days and 2 nights.

Lodging: We are reserving 13 sites at the Meadow Loop section of the campsite at $53/night per site for a lodging total of $689.
Food: The retreat will include 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and snacks. The cost will be approximately $30/person for the entire retreat; there will be 122 people total, which comes to about $3,660.
Transportation/Project Materials: The remaining $150 will go towards gas and some project materials for our onsite activities.


When students begin the year with a firm foundation of culture, they are able to build on that throughout the course of the year. And when students have a successful first year in high school, it increases their likelihood of success for the remaining three years! Everybody wins!



days left

Comfortable Seating Can Make a Difference

Daniel Gamboa


With these funds I will acquire 22 Air Stability Wobble Cushion Balance Discs. 

The Air Stability Wobble Cushion Balance Discs will be used extensively. An inflatable disc will be assigned to each student in the class. During read aloud time, number talks, or any activity conducted at the classroom carpet the inflatable discs will help to keep the students in a comfy position ready to learn and participate. In addition, these bumpy seats will also maintain the learners in a sitting position instead of laying down or spreading their legs in a way they can invade other kids' space. Furthermore, students will have the inflatable discs at their desks. During, unavoidable long periods of work (e.g. tests, writing compositions, or research time), students can release some of their storage energy with the inflatable seats without becoming a major distraction in the classroom. Finally, the bumpy seats will be of great help during transitions in the hallway. Students sit comfortably reading a book of their choice sitting in a line by the classroom door.

A simple wiggle seat a student can sit on can encourage exercising the student’s core muscles. These small core exercises can keep energy levels down, decrease distractions and help with focus. Comfortable seating in classrooms at all times can make a difference. 

My students attend a public elementary school that serves more than 750 children. About 200 of these students are refugees from more than 15 countries around the world. Most of them receive free or reduced lunch, and 100% of the students in my class come from families with limited English.

These kids enjoy simple pleasures. They get excited when a teacher brings popcorn at the end of a grading period to celebrate their achievements. They are very inquisitive and love to discover new things with little help. My class adores original lessons, hands-on activities, didactic games, but above everything, they have a passion for technology. My students have the ability to amaze me every day.


Air Stability Wobble Cushion, Pink, 35cm/14in Diameter, Balance Disc, Pump Included, 22 x $14.33 = $315.26


days left
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