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Benefits of Creating A Fundraising Page

  • Receive the funds you raise
    With PledgeCents, we know that when someone contributes to your fundraising page, they are showing support for your classroom or organization and students. Unlike other sites, you receive the funds you raise regardless of whether or not you meet your goal.
  • Raise for any resources or experiences
    You know your students and their needs best, so who are we to say what you can and can’t raise funds for? If it will benefit your students, you can raise funds for it on PledgeCents. You purchase what you need, when you need it, from whatever vendor you choose. The sky’s the limit!
  • Reach a wide audience
    We make it easy to spread the word about your fundraising page. With integrated social media sharing and automatic email updates, you can let your whole network know about your fundraising page with only a few clicks! Long gone are the days of having to send out letters or go door to door and being limited to your local school community. Use our features to be sure the world knows what you are doing for students.
  • Receive funds for your students in more than one way
    With PledgeCents, you can raise funds for your students by participating in more than one way. Join one of our popular contests, receive a Dollar-for-Dollar matching or Facebook matching campaign, or refer other teachers to sign up and earn money. Unlike other sites, we find fun and new ways to help every type of teacher provide the opportunities their students deserve.

Invest in Fundraising Pages

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Benefits of Investing In A Fundraising Page

  • Regain control of exactly where your money goes
    When you invest in a fundraising page on PledgeCents, you are giving directly to a specific need. Gone are the days of giving to a school-wide fundraiser with no assurance of how your funds will be spent.
  • Receive thanks for your contribution
    In addition to a nice tax-deduction (when applicable), you will receive a personal “thank you” from the fundraising page creator as well as update emails regarding the progress of the fundraising page. We think you will enjoy this so much that you will be back to give again before you know it!
  • Rest assured about security
    All funds are processed through the secure payment processor WePay, and we verify each individual school/organization before any fundraising pages go live on our site. Unlike other sites, we never send money or check to individuals; we always write check to the school or organization and send them to the school/organization mailing address. You can rest assured that your money is going where you want it to.
  • Reach students anywhere
    Whether you live in California or Florida, Washington D.C. or Denver, we have made it easier than ever to support students anywhere in the nation. You don’t have to worry about visiting a local bake sale or having your (already clean) car washed; all it takes is a few clicks for you to make an impact at anytime, anywhere.