Moody Middle School's NYC MUN Conference

The Description

These funds will be put towards reducing the cost of rooms, travel, and delegate fees for each of our 20 delegates attending the Global Citizens Model UN in New York.

Back Up Plan

Even if we do not reach our fundraising goal, some of the cost will still be alleviated, even if we do not reach our goal of $300 per person. Right now the cost per student is around $500 making it incredibly inaccessible for each student.

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Arun Natarajan November 5, 2023

Good Luck Siona and team!!

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About the Creator

Hi! I'm the travel captain for Moody Middle School. After being involved in Moody's MUN scene for 4 years, and MUN for 5 years, I wanted to show my appreciation for my classmates and my school by organizing the first (and hopefully) annual New York City MUN trip of Moody Middle School! Beyond Model UN, I am co-captain of the Debate team and co-president of the Multilingual Society where I teach Latin. I also enjoy reading, 3D Printing, and singing in my school's choir!