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Verified Non-Profit

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   As a special education teacher, I work with my students for several years.  My students have multiple disabilities including nonverbal, severe physical impairments, health impairments, intellectual disabilities, and autism.  I constantly am looking for new materials to use to develop and/or improve functional academic and communication skills of my students.  Many times my students are overlooked because people only see their disabilities not their abilities.  Part of my job is to change this perception.  I need to demonstrate how my students learn and interact in their environments.  In order  to do this, my students need a strong language and communication foundation.  With the materials requested (flashcards, folder activities, and communication devices), I can provide this foundation and improve students' knowledge and skills.  At Lakeshore Learning, individual flashcards are available along with sets. These materials cost anywhere from $7.99 - $22.99.  Also, file folder games are available in individual concept areas or as sets for $34.99 - $129.00.  At Enabling Devices, talkables (communication devices) are available for $119.95 - $209.95.  My students have had the best success and student engagement utilizing these devices.       

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase the materials that are available.   Flashcards are cheaper and readily available at many locations.  I can modify activities to include the flashcards for letter/picture/word identification, spelling, numbers and math computations, basic skills such as colors and shapes, opposites, matching, etc.  My students are held to the same academic standards as their non-disabled peers.  Unfortunately, they do not always have a strong language foundation to build upon.  I mix basic and functional skills with the academic standards to produce activities to provide student awareness, engagement, and success in the learning environment.

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May 8, 2017

It is Teacher Appreciation Week!

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I am a special educator working with high school age students with multiple disabilities. I am also a member of our district's transition team. I am currently working on my master's degree in special education with an emphasis on transition services. I was just accepted to complete national board certification.