My Students Keep Writing With Night Zookeeper! by Blair Talley, Monte Vista Elementary

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Category: English
Class Size: 35
Grade: 6th 

Every year my students sigh when I ask them to write anything longer than a paragraph. This all changed when I discovered Night Zookeeper. Night Zookeeper is an interactive game that allows my students to explore a zoo filled with magical animals. Along the way they write about the things that they see whether in the form of different genres including reports, adventure stories, or even poems.

With my students engaged in the story and adventure, they don’t even realize how much they are asked to write. This practice has had profound positive results on their general writing assignments and assessments as well. They are able to use the skills that they have learned in Night Zookeeper because the curriculum the program uses is also Common Core aligned.

This is where you come in. Night Zookeeper with all of the premium features comes at a small price. Every dollar you invest brings this amazing program one step closer to my eager writers.

Here is the breakdown of our goal of $317.07 for Night Zookeeper

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Total goal amount$317.07


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Blair Talley

6th Grade Teacher, Monte Vista Elementary

I have been teaching at a Title 1 School for 4 years, most of my students first language was not English. I love my job and want to provide the best education possible for these students.

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