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Verified Non-Profit

The Description

Project Description: Despite the many changes that we humans experienced throughout history, our interest in stories never seemed to change. Since the beginning of time humans have been telling stories to entertain, to educate, to believe and to control. Through this project, students will understand how powerful stories can be and how stories may be told in a visual way. Students will first read excerpts of The Odyssey by Homer to witness firsthand how the ancient Greeks used stories within their religion as well as how they were used to convey their values. Students will then investigate how stories are told visually by reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Students will also understand the concept of a revolution through the graphic novel and how stories may be a trigger to causing these revolutions. Once students have gained an overview of the elements of a story and how they can be told visually, students will investigate the concept of “street art” and how visual art can also be used to tell stories. Students will research local stories that are not being heard and use the medium of a mural to tell their stories.

The Effect of Investments: 

The expected effect of this project is that the students and the teacher will develop a deeper understanding the complexities of the World and regional history. By challenging standing notions of the region, student will open the eyes of their community as well as their own to actions that happen on the other side of the world and how they interact with happenings in our immediate world. Students will be able to articulate our role in these issues and be able to speak from a place of greater compassion and knowledge. The students will gain an entry point into understanding world conflict, world collision and movements toward peace.

In helping us reach our goal, I will be able to purchase supplies that students can use for their artistic expressions and in presenting the knowledge they have gained. Boards will fashioned into "walls" on which to display the street art that they are creating. Funds will also go toward travel around the greater San Diego area for tours and to  exhibition. Because we do not have buses at our disposal and because of their expense, it is important to be able to transport students if our need exceeds what is available through parental support.  Funds will also be put toward bringing in speakers, and for purchasing elements for costuming that supports story telling performances.  

Because San Diego is home to the International Rescue Committee, and because human rights issues are coming more into focus students should develop skills in inquiry and communication.  The students will approach this through analyzing how cultures past and present, including their own, has dealt with issues that relate to the community or is dealing with issues that relate to the community. The students will approach these subjects through several essential questions, including

This project is valuable for students because tying our history to our present is how we learn. It is obvious that even as we have made progress in our technological and social worlds, there are meaningful disparities in social access and cultural normativity. Understaning cultural values and respecting others is as valuable today as ever. Students are inundated with information daily, but making sense of that information and understanding values behind it can be difficult. Exploring through story is a powerful way to unravel that information. These students should have that opportunity.


Back Up Plan

If we do not meet my goal, we have a limited budget that we can tap into. We can also expect some limited support from parents. Not meeting our goal, we will continue with the project, though it might affect students creating peices of work by the pair.  






Interior/ Exterior Paint



Paint Brushes



Project Panels 4ft * 8ft





5 + 3

Paint rollers + roller covers



Butcher paper



2 by 4


TOTAL EXPENSES (maximum $1,000)


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I work with 9th grade students at a charter located in the northern reaches of San Diego county. My strength is in humanities, which is the subject I teach. I work with young students because the energy is amazing, and this age group is wonderful because the intensity of their exploration is influenced by the growing realization that adulthood is just around the corner. They are developing as independent community members, and their expressions reflect these academic, personal, and social maturations. These are my draw.
The school focuses on interdisciplinary work through project based learning. This affords us opportunities to do some amazing projects, tapping in to student creativity and zeal.

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