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This Cause Has Ended
Launched Apr 20, 2014
Ends Jul 20, 2014
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Technology
Class Size: 6
Grade: 6-8 

With these funds our classroom will reduce our carbon footprint by integrating two iPad minis to use during all of our lessons. Instead of printing our guided reading books, our teacher will use apps to create Ebooks for us to read instead. We will have continual access to each book created by keeping it in iBooks for extra practice. With these iPad Minis, our teacher will not have to make as many copies during math, science and social studies because we will be able to access what she creates for us online using QR code reader apps. We will also have access to life and career skills by using these iPad Minis for research.

Here is a direct link to the iPad Minis we will be purchasing: iPad Minis on 

Each iPad Mini will cost $288.98


Everything we have ever wanted to learn will be a touch away!  

If we do not meet our goal...

If we don't reach our entire goal we will use the funds we have earned to purchase 1 iPad Mini for our classroom to share. 

Sara Borbon

MI Special Education Teacher, Trevista at Horace Mann

Hello! My name is Sara Prue. I am a 3-5 MI Special Education teacher at DCIS at Ford for students with significant needs. I have just started my 9th year of teaching! I guess time really does fly when you're having fun! I love my job and I really do have the most kind, hardworking students in Denver. They are the best and make my job so fun and so easy!

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Denver, Colorado

Trevista ECE-8th School exists to serve the unique academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of students. The community of Trevista is committed to creating and maintaining a child-centered and caring environment where teaching and learning recognize the diversity and gifts of all members and ensure students are both supported and challenged to meet their highest potential.

Summer Has Been Busy!!

July 24, 2014

Hello to my favorite investors.... =)


I have spent this summer creating items to make our classroom paperless and a more technology-friendly environment! Our students have not yet had the opportunity to utilize our new iPad minis, but once school starts at the end of August, I believe we will be fully paperless!!


Thanks again for your investment into our cause! 

I will update again after school starts!



Sara Prue

Jon Rossi
Sara Borbon
Sarah Baer
Luka Druks
Morgan Intrator
Gene Silva

Gene Silva May 8, 2014

Hey Sara, just wanted to help.

Jon Rossi April 21, 2014

Great cause !!!!

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