Tools for a Title I Geometry Classroom

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This year I'm starting fresh, teaching high school academic geometry for the first time ever and I could not be more excited! Think back to your high school geometry class... I'm sure you remember using countless tools such as rulers, protractors, compasses, etc. on top of all the basic school supplies your parents bought for you.

As a Title I school, nearly all of my students belong to families classified as low-income. They cannot afford, and are in desperate need of resources and materials that enrich their learning experience. Resources and materials that are so often provided by well-funded schools and/or wealthy families in affluent populations elsewhere. We all know education in a basic right in our country, but we also know that not education is created equal.

With your generous donations I will be purchasing 200 1-subject spiral notebooks, 12 boxes of tissues, pencils, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, posters, manipulatives, building materials, and additional basic classroom supplies, as needed throughout the year.

Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal I will cover the remaining balance because the show must go on!

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I am excited to be a part of the TFA family and join the movement to solve education inequity in this country and provide all students with a quality education. I'm fortunate enough to be selected from a nationwide talent applicant pool to join a teacher corps comprised of leaders who commit a minimum of two years to teach in high need public schools. This summer I will be participating in an intensive skill and knowledge development program aiming to increase student achievement as well as a comprehensive professional development program including seminars, discussion groups, workshops, and content and professional learning communities specific to teaching license areas. I can't wait for my first year with Teach for America.