Producing Productive Minds with Osmo by Darci Robinson, Apache Innovative School PTA

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Launched Dec 21, 2016
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This Cause Has Ended
Category: Technology
Class Size: 650
Grade: K - 6th 

At Apache Innovative School, we are about developing critical thinking skills instead of teaching for standardized tests. We aspire to bring into our classrooms as many tools as possible to develop a critically thinking mind. Osmo is a learning tool that fosters social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the iPad to an endless number of kinesthetic activities in language, math and physics. The school itself serves students from diverse cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds in grades pre-k through 6th, with 79% receiving free and reduced lunch. Recently, the focus of learning has changed from traditional instructional structures to more innovative instruction to better meet the student needs, offering genius hour projects and maker space time to all students. Genius hour and maker space projects for all students provide an opportunity to engage all of our students at a high level and in ways not previous offered. As a building, we realized we needed to change our instruction to meet the changing demographics of our students. We currently have two Osmos and have seen the heightened level of engagement among students and positive impact they have had on student learning.

The funds will be used to purchase 14 Osmo genius Kits. This would provide two kits per grade level. With the current grade level configuration, there are 4 classrooms at each grade level and each kit would be used by between 40 - 50 students. The Osmo Genius Kits are compatible and integrate with the iPads currently being used by students. The Osmos offer the teacher the ability to select learning options that meet specific student learning needs and give students the option of choice in their learning. Daniel Pink noted, control is great for creating compliance, while giving choice and autonomy creates engagement and fulfillment. In addition, access to technology is an equalizer for students from diverse backgrounds. The Osmo tools gives students access and new ways to interact with technology and collaborate with peers.

We will be purchasing 14 Osmo genius kits that include word, tangrams, newton and numbers interactive learning tools for grades K to 6. Our goal is to raise enough to purchase 14 kits and each kit costs approximately $100 through the Osmo website ( This price was competitive with Amazon, Target and Walmart regular retail price.

If we do not meet our goal...

If we do not meet our goal we will purchase as many Osmo genius kits as possible. We will deploy one at each grade level, starting with our youngest learners and build up from there. We have seen the significant impact the tool has had on student engagement while sharing two between 600 students. With more, we can use them for small group independent work stations in each classroom. If we do not meet our goal, we will proceed with the kits we are able to purchases and work on other avenues to get additional resources.

A second option is to purchase bases for each class (around $30 for each base) and identify the components that would be the most beneficial and have the highest use potential, such as only getting words and/or numbers ($30 for each component) along with the base. We would deploy the resources in a way that would have the most impact for the most number of kids.

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