Chromebooks on Chromebooks: Our 21st Century Classroom

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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It is critically important that my students have daily access to high quality technology in order to successfully prepare for the 21st Century. Without daily access, my students aren’t able to take advantage of the amazing digital opportunities that are available to them. This includes everything from high quality content that helps them improve their reading fluency to programs that promotes computer programming skills. These are just a few of the reasons why I want to purchase a Chromebook Bundle for my students.

With new Lenovo Chromebooks in our classroom, my students will have daily access the internet and all of the learning apps that they normally use in the computer lab only once a week.This will allow them to have a high quality technology center in the classroom for the first time. Through Best Buy Education I can purchase a Chromebook Bundle for my students at a discounted rate and also receive free shipping. This Chromebook Bundle will provide our classroom with access to the following items:

- 11.6" Education Chromebook 4GB - Full Warranty for 1 Full Year (Quantity 10)

- Laptop sleeve with handle (Quantity 10)

- Google Chrome Management Console License (Quantity 10)

- White Glove Chrome Management Enrollment (Quantity 10)

Your generous investment to our fundraiser will open a world of opportunities for my students that they will not soon forget. If you are not able to make an investment today, please still consider sharing this through your social media channels as it increases the likelihood that we reach our goal.

Here is the breakdown of our goal of $3,147.00 for Best Buy

Best Buy Chromebook Bundle - 10% discount (x1)$2,579.80
PledgeCents partner product sourcing and logistics$314.70
PledgeCents fulfillment and labor$157.35
WePay payment and processing fee$94.41
Total goal amount$3,147.00 (rounded up to the nearest dollar)

The amounts calculated above are used to ensure the fundraising goal covers all fees. Actual fees will be calculated and collected on a per transaction basis, therefore total amounts may vary once the fundraiser ends. Calculated fees consist of a 10% sourcing fee, 5% fulfillment & labor fee and 3% processing fee.

Back Up Plan

I will purchase as much of the Chromebook bundle that I can for our students so they don't miss out on this technology that we need.

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I have been an educator for 18 years. My passion has always been teaching hands-on Science while integrating technology into everything I teach.

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