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This Cause Has Ended
Launched May 13, 2014
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This Cause Has Ended
Category: Sciences
Class Size: 60
Grade: 9th-12th 

With these funds I will...


I will continue to develop the Solar Engineering program at High Tech High North County.  HTHNC is a public charter high school in San Diego county that focuses on project based learning. The solar engineering program is being developed to provide in-depth knowledge of relevant physical, chemical and engineering systems with a strong emphasis on design. Through this endeavor High Tech High North County students have the opportunity to experience the important role alternative energy engineering has in our world.

The funding requested in this proposal will support the continued development of the program, as well as provide necessary materials and equipment for the school to participate in the Southern California Metropoloitans Water Districts Solar Cup. This year the students have decieded to enter an innovative jet boat design, a design never attempted before in Solar Cup. The all grade level Solar Engineering program needs:

  1. 2 Solar Panels ($1,100)
  2. 2 Batteries ($390)
  3. PVC Water Intake and Output Systems ($325)
  4. Cabling ($150)
  5. Sealant/Adhesives ($45)

9th Grade Physics Instructor Kurt Schwartz and 12th Grade Engineering Instructor Jacob Bagnell, have created this extracircular class to address issues of engineering, alternative energy, alternative transportation, conservation, and sustainability. 


In conjuntion with building the solar boat, the students have adopted and promoted to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, the students have solicited donations for every lap completed in the endurance competition to race awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project.


The Metropolitans WAter Distric Solar Cup race, a competition of over 40 Southern California high schools will compete in both speed, distance and design competitions.  This competition is a seven month program, with over 800 high school students learn about conservation of natural resources, electrical and mechanical engingineering, problem solving and project management.

Teams are required to submit two technical reports and create a water conservation public service message, in addition to designing and building the solar powered boat. Past participating students have said that participating in Solar Cup encouraged the to go to college, and purse careers in engineering and environmental sciences.

If we do not meet our goal...

If we don't reach our entire goal we will...

Scale down and participate in fewer competeions and take a slower pace to realize our goals.

Kurt Schwartz

Physics Teacher, High Tech High North County (HTH Foundation)

I am a passionate educator, in love with Physics and Solar Engineering. I am passionate about helping students develop critical thinking skills and a love for science.

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San Diego, California

High Tech High North County (HTHNC) is a public charter school which draws upon the diversity of the San Diego North County region through a random lottery acceptance system. The goal of High Tech High North County is to offer a college preparatory, project-based learning environment to 9-12 grade students. We also aim to inspire students to become civic leaders through real-world, authentic learning experiences.

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Colleen Ebbitt May 21, 2014

Mr. Schwartz,

I wish I had physics with you in high school! I'm so excited about all the great and cool things you're doing as a teacher. I feel so lucky to have had you as a father figure and teacher throughout my life! You always made learning fun and I miss you!!

Good luck with the project!

-Colleen E.

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