Cultivating Creativity & Computational Thinking With BirdBrain Technologies by Kathy Bennett, Crestview High School

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Launched Apr 19, 2017
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Why "Invest"?
Why "Invest"? We use the term "invest" to symbolize your investment in a student's future through a better education.
Category: Sciences
Class Size: 30
Grade: K - 12th 

As a STEM educator, it is important that my students are able to apply the topics we learn about. Robotics is one of the easiest ways to apply many of the topics we cover whether it is math, science, engineering, or computer science. Robotics covers so many aspects that when a student is able to build a functioning robot that it makes many of these high level concepts more concrete. That is why I want to introduce my students to robotics through BirdBrain Technologies.

The Finch is a small robot designed to inspire and delight students learning computer science by providing them a tangible physical representation of their coding. The Hummingbird is a kit that allows students to create and program robots built from electronic components and craft materials. Through these kits, my students will be able to create and engage with technology which is critical when preparing them for the future.

It would be amazing if you could support our fundraiser for BirdBrain Technologies with a generous investment.

Here is the breakdown in cost for fundraising for Birdbrain Technologies

  • Hummingbird Duo Base Kit (x2) - $286.20
  • Preferred Partner Program - $35.00
  • PledgeCents Platform Fee - $17.50
  • Payment Processing Fee - $10.50
  • Total - $350.00 (rounded up to the nearest dollar)

If we do not meet our goal...

I will attempt to supplement the cost so that I can purchase a BirdBrain Technologies kit for my students.

Kathy Bennett

Teacher, Crestview High School

I will update this section shortly.

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- Instruct students on safe, responsible use of technology so that they integrate it into the education process.
- Encourage physical fitness and mental wellness.

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