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As a passionate and committed educator, I want to help my students grow to their full potential. You may be familiar with the fact that teachers spend, on average, $800 out of their own pockets for classroom needs every school year. I am hoping you will help me change this as I want to provide my students with the best opportunities.

As part of the #TeachersAreProfessionals campaign PledgeCents has created a personalized fundraising page for me. The idea behind this movement is that we, as teachers, are equals to other professionals in other industries, meaning we should have business cards, we should not have to buy our classroom supplies ourselves, and we should have access to professional development that will help us continuously improve as professional educators.

The #TeachersAreProfessionals movement will provide me with my own business cards through VistaPrint and PledgeCents has created relationships with many leading education and EdTech companies.These companies will provide us steep discounts for their tools so we can afford to have access to their premium subscriptions. Additionally, #TeachersAreProfessionals has worked out discounts for professional development books.

  • The funds will be broken down to cover costs for classroom essentials as well as EdTech tools that will benefit my students.

Once I raise the funds, then PledgeCents will provide me with the ability to obtain supplies for my classroom, receive discounted access to Screencastify for improved student feedback, discounted access to Formative for improved interactions and quizzing with students, and to a professional development book from DBC publishing.

I hope you will share my page and help me raise the funds needed for my students. Thank you for your support!

Back Up Plan

I will use all funds raised towards my classroom to help my students receive a better education.

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