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We are bringing Escape Rooms to the Classroom!!!

BreakoutEDU is a FUN and ENGAGING way to teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas! It gets students INVOLVED by thinking outside the box (literally!) and learning by discovery. This will specifically impact my classroom by providing a fun and unique opportunity to master math topics by hands on application and discovery rather than a boring worksheet! For a glimpse into what this new educational tool is all about, check out the BreakoutEDU website or this informational video on YouTube.

We are looking to purchase supplies to make 5 BreakoutEDU kits. Each kit includes 2 lock boxes, multiple types of locks and padlocks, invisible ink pens, UV blacklight, and a flash drive. To keep the cost at a minimum, we are going to be making and assembling our own boxes and kits instead of buying pre-made kits for $120 each. With the help of some generous labor volunteers, Amazon, and various hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot, we have shaved down the cost of each kit to $85, bringing our total cost to $425.  

The best part about this learning tool is its ability to be used across all areas of content! We would be sharing these kits with all teachers in our district so they would not only benefit my 81 8th graders, but all grades K-12. We have even used them during professional learning days with teachers! 

Students have already tried out sample activities and LOVED them. Therefore I would LOVE to get their hands on more of these kits! Any donation we get would be GREATLY appreciated! Even just $5! Thank you so much for supporting our kids! 

Back Up Plan

If we do not meet our goal, we will purchase however many kits we can! One kit is better than none!

We appreciate anything we get, and will use it to spread the word at how awesome this resource is!

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I teach 8th grade Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I in Pratt, KS at Liberty Middle School. My main goal is making my classes real-world focused and as hands-on as possible. I try to think outside the box and make Algebra concepts fun and interesting to students.

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