First Gen College Tour Trip

The Description

The Academic Guidance Team at Soquel High aims to send thirty first-generation college-bound, underrepresented, and socioeconomically disadvantaged students on an enriching college tour, each with a 3.0 GPA or higher and on graduation track. These students diligently meet A-G requirements and deserve the opportunity to explore UC/CSU and private college campuses. This experience might be out of reach for many of them without sponsor/donor support.

This transformative trip will expose our students to different university systems, fostering familiarity and understanding. Participating in this field trip will inspire students to pursue and achieve their educational goals, paving the way for a brighter future. Sponsor/donor contribution can significantly impact shaping the academic journeys of these deserving students.

Back Up Plan

In addition to PledgeCents, we are collaborating closely with our school district grant writer to explore opportunities for fund allocation through local and regional organizations. This strategic partnership aims to maximize our efforts in securing resources for the 'First Gen College Tour Trip' initiative, ensuring our fundraising campaign extends its reach and impact within our community. 

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I'm a high school academic guidance counselor and a proud first-generation college graduate; my commitment is to help all my students realize their highest potential. I am dedicated and working diligently to close the achievement gap; my ultimate goal is to guide and empower as many students as possible on their journey to college and other post-secondary pathways, ensuring they have the tools and support needed for a successful future.