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Launched Feb 10, 2015
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This Cause Has Ended
Category: Sciences
Class Size: 67
Grade: 10th 

The goal of this Foodtopia Project is to provide students with an awareness of our everyday eating lifestyle as well as an understanding of the design and purpose of common food molecules. Students will explore deeper learning opportunities, and design lessons and activities within a context of food issues throughout history.

Connection: How can we connect problems in our modern world to food? How can we trace the impact of food through history?

Evidence: What evidence can we find that certain foods impact our bodies and society negatively and positively?

Perspective: How do different countries view food differently? How has the purpose of and perspective on food changed through history?

These funds will be used to purchase chemicals and lab supplies necessary to conduct food molecule lab experiments, as well as cover expenses to tour local organic farms.

We plan to purchase three class sets of the following Flinn Scientific Student Laboratory Kits:

  1. Physical Properties of Proteins- $53.55 each ($160.65 for three)
  2. Properties of Lipids- $64.55 each ($193.65 for three)
  3. Introduction to Carbohydrates Structure and Properties- $51.25 each ($153.75 for three) 
  4. Identifying Proteins and Amino Acids- $70.65 each ($211.95 for three)

The total cost of these laboratory kits would be $720.

Additionally, we are looking to tour two local organic farms. It would cost $375 to rent a school bus each time. That would be a total of $750 for transportation for the farm tours.

If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase supplies necessary to conduct "kitchen chemistry" versions of higher level molecular analyses experiments. Students will use every day items available in grocery stores, rather than stock chemicals necessary for more specific food molecule investigations.

Charlene Parsons

Chemistry Teacher, High Tech High North County (HTH Foundation)

Hailing from Schenectady, New York, the invention place of (drum roll please) the broom, Charlene Parsons attended the School of Visual Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology, and San Jose State University before finally obtained her BS in Geology from San Francisco State University. The next six years of her life were spent as a member of the Coastal and Marine Geology Team of the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California. As a Marine Sedimentologist, Charlene dedicated the majority of her professional career studying Hawaiian coral reefs and the Northern California coastline.

In January 2006 Charlene's life was turned upside down and inside out with the birth of her first daughter, Samara. She essentially spent the next 2 years on "Mommy Leave". Fascinated by how quickly a child's mind develops, Charlene discovered a passion for teaching. She spent those "Mommy Leave" years teaching Geology labs part-time at the Elementary institute of Science. In May of 2008, Samara was promoted to Big Sister status with the birth of her sister, Huxley Mei. Charlene then decided it was high time for her husband, Jason, to discover the joys of stay-at-home-fatherhood while she further pursued her passion for education here at High Tech High North County. She is very excited to tie her Marine Science background into her position as an Environmental Chemistry teacher.

When not teaching HTHNC students, Charlene can be found pondering over how to create more space in her home for the ever growing number of children's book she obsessively collects. Three times a week she can be found on roller skates and full safety gear hitting the rink with her Roller Derby team the Wine Town Rollers (her derby name is Polly Phos Fate). When not skating or teaching, Charlene can be found supporting her daughters love for the theater, doing whatever odd jobs needed to ensure the success of the most recent show (on occasion that even means dusting off her acting skills and getting up on stage herself). In the very little spare time she manages to find, Charlene reads like it's going out of style. She hopes to one day finish up her training in Kung Fu and finally get her black belt, and will always hold a special place in her heart for art incorporating both robots and donuts.

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Jenene McGonigal February 11, 2015

This sounds like a really interesting project! I hope you raise all the funds needed for it, and then some!

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