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My classroom uses the Mystery Science curriculum to deliver engaging science lessons that are open-and-go and inspire kids to stay curious. Through this platform, I have online access to a high quality K-5 science curriculum as well as plenty of extension activities. Mystery Science has always been focused on overcoming barriers to teaching science, and now they are taking it one step further with Mystery Packs.

A Mystery Pack will make it easier than ever for me to teach science! Each pack includes enough supplies for a classroom of 30 students to do all of the lessons for a school year, and would allow me to spend less time and money sourcing materials. Each lesson’s supplies are individually packed into their own Mystery bag, and all lessons are organized into unit-level boxes. Each Mystery bag connects directly to the lesson online -- I just type in the URL, and am ready to prep and teach!

Your generous investment would give my students access to great hands-on science learning and help me make sure that this will be an exciting year for my students.

Here is the breakdown of our goal of $359.79 for Mystery Science

Mystery Science 5th Grade Mystery Pack (x1)$349.00
Stripe payment processing fee$10.79
Total goal amount$359.79

Back Up Plan

If I don’t reach 100% of my goal, Mystery Science will provide resources to help me source as many of the supplies as possible.

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