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Why "Invest"? We use the term "invest" to symbolize your investment in a student's future through a better education.
Category: English
Class Size: 150
Grade: 6th 

With these funds I will...

The number one goals in my 6th grade reading classes is to foster a love for reading in my students. When students arrive in my classroom on the first day of school, they are on average 1-2 grade levels behind their expected reading level. Many of my kids have never been told they are good readers, nor do they believe they are. This year, we are going to change that. By first creating a nurturing and encouraging environment, I will reach my classroom goal, creating on level readers in the process. To create this classroom environment, I need some help! This fundraiser aims to add the following things to my classroom:

- Plethora of sticky notes for annotating our class texts

- Age appropriate books and magazines for our classroom library

- Bookshelves for our classroom library

- Class set of clipboards for completing assignments while reading on the reading rug

- Reading rug for shared reading times

- Class set of whiteboards for writing practice

- Class set of dry erase markers for writing practice

- Storage for whiteboard supplies

- Positive signs and encouraging posters

- Pillows for creating comfortable reading spots for silent reading

If we do not meet our goal...

If we do not reach our goal, I will purchase our supplies throughout the year beginning from the top of the list and making our way down.

Suggested Investments


Book Lover

Every $5 donation adds a book to our classroom!
Invest $5


Star Student

Every $25 donation adds 10 clipboards to our classroom!
Invest $25


Class President

$50 adds book shelves to our classroom.
Invest $50

Julia Mora

, YES Prep North Central

Right before finishing my bachelors in business administration at Texas A&M, I started thinking about the impact I wanted to have on the world around me. While studying marketing and being in business is incredibly valuable and I truly enjoy it, I saw a need to enter the classroom and close gaps in our country. I am truly passionate about opportunity and choice in our society, and the fact is there are many students who have seen their opportunities and choices limited. So, I joined Teach for America and moved to Houston to teach 6th grade reading at YES Prep!

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YES Prep North Central is a school within a larger YES Prep school district in Houston, Texas aimed at increasing the number of students from low income communities who graduate from college. t

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