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This Cause Has Ended
Launched Jul 22, 2016
Ends Aug 10, 2016
This Cause Has Ended
Category: General
Class Size: 70
Grade: 4th 

Instead of donating school supplies to a general fund or drive this year, would you consider donating funds for supplies to my classroom where you can see the faces and hear the stories of the students directly effected by your kindness and generosity?

Centennial is a 100% title one school. That means that 99% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch and typically teachers need to send pencils home with students if we want homework to happen. This means my students come to school without supplies. With these funds I will be able to create a homey, comfortable and fully stocked classroom for my 4th graders this year for them to feel at home, safe and comfortable and have everything they need to learn and grow this year. 

It also means that the school I teach in is pretty spare. I remember my elementary classrooms as being a home away from home with comfortable places to sit while I read, a library of books to choose from, carpet to sit on when we had lessons on the floor... etc. Many of my students are coming form homes that are challenging to say the least. I want my classroom to be a home for them where they feel safe, comfortable and have everything they need to be able to learn and grow and succeed.

I'm asking for help purchasing both classroom supplies for my students to use in the classroom and a set to take home (pencils, paper, notebooks, folders), as well as help purchasing a couple key things to make my classroom homey and comfortable for my students (a carpet, a reading chair...). A more detailed list is below. All the "homey" supplies will come from Goodwill or the ARC so dollars will do double duty supporting good causes and every dollar will directly effect my students.

These students have faces, names, good hearts and tough lives at home. Please consider supporting my students and me and throughout the year you'll get to see the faces and see the stories of the kids you helped create a home and a learning environment for. 

I have budgeted supplies at $330 as a minimum to cover most of what my classroom will need, however anything raised beyond the $330 will go towards further supplies including specific math manipulative like fraction bars that REALLY increase learning. 

$330 is the min goal and I will use anything more than that. 

School supplies for learning (for 70-75 students)

Cooperative Learning Mega Timer--$50 on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Kagan-Cooperative-Learning-MegaTimer-JMT/dp/B007IS1BHS

  • Paper
  • Kleenex
  • Pencils (for school and to send home)
  • Chart Paper/poster paper to make visuals
  • Sticky notes
  • Dry Erase Markers (for students to practice on whiteboards)
  • Folders
  • Spiral Notebooks
  • 3x5 Index Cards
  • Binder rings to make response cards
  • Math manipulative supplies
  • Globe and maps for teaching social studies
  • Page protectors for stations


Supplies to create a home away from home for my 70 nine-year olds

  • Carpet from Goodwill for carpet time-$25
  • Reading chair from Goodwill--$30
  • A couple lamps to create warm light in my windowless room -$30
  • Bookshelf to section off a space in my room for quiet working time-$15


If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal I will prioritize the supplies from most crucial to least crucial and purchase as much as possible starting at the most important. 

Suggested Investments


Writing Buddy

Buy pencils, white board markers, colored pencils and paper
Invest $10


Organizing Angel

Buy binders, notebooks, folders, dividers and clip rings.
Invest $25


Home Away From Home Maker

Buy rug, lamp, chair
Invest $50


Classroom Angel

Help us get ready for school with the supplies on our list.
Invest $100


Classroom Hero

You are a rock star! Thanks for helping fund my classroom!
Invest $200

Hally Paulson

4th Grade Teacher (Math and Social Studies, Centennial Elementary School

I choose to go into teaching because I realized that I could make more of a preventative and positive impact giving kids knowledge and confidence than I could in the medical field. I am currently a math interventionist meaning I work with the highest-risk population at my school, supporting them in the basic skills they need to be successful in their regular classroom. I work with kinder-6th grade and I love my students. They are joyful and their desire to learn astounds me daily!

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We are all Centennial: students, family, staff, and community. We come together as a community of learners dedicated to educating the whole child: physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

We will provide active and innovative instruction in problem solving, 21st century skills, and critical thinking. Students will demonstrate their new learning in all areas of their lives to become well-rounded, productive citizens. We will incorporate learning styles and differentiate instruction while students will continue to progress as learners, and are given multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

Update after meeting with my 4th grade team! :) We are keeping the campaign open!

August 1, 2016

Hi Friends and Family,

First off, THANK YOU to all of you who have already donated!!! I am in absolute awe of your belief in me and of your support for my students! THANK YOU!!! When I set up my campaign I estimated I'd need about $500 to get my room ready so I'd do $330 as an ask for help and cover the rest out of pocket. You guys have FAR exceeded that. THANK YOU!!!
I had the privilege of meeting with my 4th grade team today for a pre-school team planning session and shared with them my campaign. We got to spend some time dreaming BIG about what we can do with the rest of the money. Here are a few of the things we dreamed up:
  • We got out class lists today and have nearly 15% of our students with Special Education plans that involvemoving with learning. We are thinking about buying a class set of fit balls and some tall tables that would allow students to stand while working or sit on a ball while working which would increase their learning dramatically. 
  • Field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and/or Denver Art Museum
  • Field trip to Rocky Mountain National Park (our kids have never even been to the hills outside the Springs and usually this trip is impossible because the bus fees for long distance are not doable. 
  • History or Science Fair entries (usually our school is unable to do this because there is not enough money at home to buy all the necessary materials that allow students to enter. However if we covered the cost we could give our classes that experience and potentially even send kids to state or regionals depending on how they do.

We won't be able to do all of these things but we will get to choose what will be most impactful for our students and actually be able to do them, so please continue to donate and continue to pass this campaign on to friends and family! The more we go over my goal, the more experiences on our list we will get to give to our students!

Update on my classroom ask:
Already Purchased--I just went to Office Depot's 25% off teacher sale and got nearly all the school supplies my students will need for the year. I have a couple things still on my list to get at Costco which will have more for cheeper. I've also purchased all the stuff I need to make my bulletin boards and some fun pencils and erasers as prizes for my students. And a giant class timer so my kids can a) read the clock and b) time activities
Still working on finding good deals on
  • A good reading chair/show and tell chair. Made of wood, no fabric because some of our kids have bedbugs...(If any of you have a great rocking chair or big, cool wooden chair you need to get rid of and would like to donate that, I would LOVE to have it)
  • Lamps--my room has no windows and is VERY dark--looking mostly for independently standing lamps, maybe even the goose neck kinds with multiple heads
  • Some plants --probably succulents so they don't need too much water or light. My windoless, dark brick walled room needs some serious cheer! I will have students be in charge of watering them and taking them home each weekend to get sun light
  • Some school supplies that were too expensive at office depot but costco will have cheeper ones
  • WHITE BOARD-- my room only has 1 old school chalkboard... no bueno. Need a white board :)
  • Small student white boards for independent practice
  • Free standing small white board for small group work when I pull groups to my small table
Thank you again!!! I am stunned by your love and support! I truly am the luckiest and couldn't/wouldn't want to do this alone! THANK YOU!!!
Love to you all,

FULLY FUNDED on Day 1 and still rising!

July 27, 2016


To everyone who donated or passed my campaign along, THANK YOU!!! I sent this request last night, woke up this morning to a 100% funded campaign and came home from summer school today to see nearly DOUBLE what I had asked! This is INCREDIBLE!!!

With the amount I've raised I will be able to purchase supplies for my classroom and potentially fully fund at least one field trip! Please keep sending my campaign to friends! It would be AMAZING to get to totally fund all the field trips this year for my kiddos. 

I am totally blown away, humbled and honored by your gifts, support and belief in me! Thank you!!!! I am floored and so grateful!

Chris Sumner
Mike Roberts
Katie Poremba
Rachel Klimetz
Susan O jernigan
Mariana Silliman
Elaine R Kohler
Jenny Luning
Tiffany Dyar
Matthew Toth
Julie Brooke
Rebecca Brindley
Susan Poremba
Marta Palmquist Cady
Wilson Peters
Carole Bieshaar
Liz Ann Amadei
Mandy Johnston
Marvin T Harrell
Jody & PJ McEnroe
Hally Paulson x 2
Wesley Moore

Carole August 2, 2016

Have a great year, Hally! So glad you are back to helping these young citizens full time! It is wonderful work!

Jenny July 27, 2016

We LOVE you Hally! We are SO excited to see you shine in this new position with His LOVE.
Jenny and Eugene

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