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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will purchase writing tools for my fourth grade classroom.  Most of the students start the year with a small supply of pencils, but by the end of September many have used them all.  Even with reminders home that supplies need to be replenished, often students are needing pencils to use for writing assignments and Math work.  Our pencil sharpeners seem to eat the pencils that are cheaply made.  I would like to purchase Ticonderoga pencils, which are a better quality pencil, for the students who need pencils.  This will help the students and the parents who cannot afford to buy more supplies so soon in the school year.  I will use part of the money to buy crayons if I notice students needing this writing tool too.

Walmart sells Ticonderoga pencils in 30 count for $5.97.  The $100 will go a long way to helping these children and families. 

Back Up Plan

If we do not meet our goal I will use the money to buy other supplies that the students need such as glue sticks and scissors.

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I am a fourth grade teacher in a public school. I have taught for 26years, 25 in the same school. I enjoy teaching and working with young students.

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