Funding our Future by Tory Cottle, Central High School

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Jul 16, 2017
Ends Jul 31, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Sciences
Class Size: 115
Grade: 7th - 8th 

I am so proud to be returning for my third year as a teacher in Helena-West Helena. Helena is (unfortunately) ranked as the fourth poorest town in the country, and extra money for things like brand new school supplies can be hard to come by for many families. Even though Helena is an impoverished town and has its struggles and challenges, my students are motivated to succeed - and they will, with the right tools! This is where you come in :) Growing up I never had to worry about having everything that I needed to succeed, both before school began and even when school started. My teachers had the supplies and materials that they needed to teach us properly. I hope that we can, together, give the same peace of mind to my students.

With these funds I will purchase consumable supplies such as:

  • 50 binders (for those who have voiced that they cannot afford them)
  • 50 dividers 
  • Box of 144 pencils (x5)

I will purchase science supply kits for engineering/STEM experiments that align with the Next Generation Science Standards. I strongly believe in hands-on learning, and we have very little funding. These supply kits are necessary to keep up with our counterparts!

  • Flinn Scientific: Gases and Gas Laws Package
  • Flinn Scientific: Chemical Bonding Package (x3)
  • Flinn Scientific: Atomic and Electron Structure Package
  • Flinn Scientific: Electron Capture and Photosynthesis (x2)
  • Flinn Scientific: Chemical Reactions Package (x2)
  • Flinn Scientific: Duckweed Population Study (x2)
  • Flinn Scientific Digital Thermometers (15)

If we do not meet our goal...

I will purchase the consumables first, and hopefully be able to purchase our STEM kits as well!

Suggested Investments


Buy a Binder

Every $10 will buy a binder for 4 students
Invest $10


Divine Dividers

$15 will buy a 12 pack of 8-tab dividers for the kids to help keep them organized
Invest $15


Pencil Points

A $25 investment will buy 2 large boxes of pencils so that students can focus more on the material, and less on what they don't have
Invest $25


Bring the Heat

$35 is the cost of one digital thermometer. As a Science classroom, we try to focus on measurement and hands-on learning. All of our cheap thermometers are broken, and we need help!
Invest $35


Excellent Experiments

$50 will fund half of a science package from Flinn Scientific that provide the materials necessary for relevant hands-on learning!
Invest $50

Tory Cottle

7th and 8th Grade Science Teacher, Central High School

I am so excited to be entering my third year as a teacher! I am still teaching in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, and am looking forward to an exciting year of learning and making gains every day.

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Central High School is a comprehensive public high school for students in grades seven through twelve in Helena–West Helena, Arkansas, United States. It is one of four public high schools in Phillips County and the sole high school administered by the Helena–West Helena School District.

The mission of Central High School is to produce graduates who are fully prepared for life after school as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

5 Days Remaining!

July 27, 2017

With 5 days remaining, we have reached 76% of our goal! I can't believe the generosity of those around me. I am so thankful and excited to be able to give my students everything they need for the upcoming school year. If you know of any additional way that we can reach our goal before the deadline, please don't hesitate to let me know!


Laura Wooldridge
Erica Kontson
Carol Thomas
Laureina Toler
Erin Collier
Agnes Warneford-Thomskn
Austin Warren
Erin Elizabeth ONeill
Shelly O'Neill
Morgan Chafin
Ben Sullivan
Tory Cottle
Taylor Cottle
Alyson Richardson
Lynn Cottle
Jeff Temple
Chintan Desai
Jillian Fohs
Kristi Lamb
Kathleen F. Norwood
Lynne Evand
Kathy Egloff
DrJean Wilcox
Glenda Riddle
Leslie McAndrew
Aly Lynch
Toni Schiller

Kathy Egloff July 24, 2017

You are doing a great thing for these kids ! Much success to you !

Kathleen Norwood July 24, 2017

What you are doing is impressive. You and your students are in my prayers for a(nother) successful year.

Tory Cottle July 21, 2017

Blair Horth invested $20 because she's amazing!! I couldn't get her name to show up here she is!

Erin O'Neill July 19, 2017

I'll echo what Agnes said- you rock Ms. Cottle!

Agnes wt July 17, 2017

You rock Miss Cottle!

Carol Thomas July 17, 2017

My daughter is Laura Wooldridge. She loves this school and this school has stolen her heart. Thank you this opportunity.

Carol Thomas

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