TCAP Basketball Championship Pizza Party

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will...Host a pizza party for the 6th Grade TCAP Basketball Champions!! A little about the championship:

- Just as the NBA basketball playoffs are happening, things are getting seriously competitive in 6th Grade Writing. Each of the 4 Teams in 6th Grade (Washington, Brown, Samford, and Memphis) have been split into 4 teams to compete in the game of TCAP Basketball--an exhilirating mix of mental prowess, teamwork, critical thinking, and...the ability to shoot a bouncy tennis ball into a small blue recycling bin!

- Each day this week leading up to the TCAP test next week, the students can expect to review all of the material to be assessed on the test.

- All students participate by filling in their participation guide and receive a daily participation grade for their efforts. The team from each Team (Washington, Brown, Samford, and Memphis) who wins will compete against the other Teams' top team. The top team from each Team gets 5 points extra credit to be added wherever they deem necessary in their Writing grade. The Team with the winning team on Thursday, the day of the championship, gets to celebrate as a community by having a pizza party!!!


***It has been such a joy for me to observe even after just days 2 of competition how the scholars in each community base have rallied around each other. Even when they know they have lost the chance to earn their own extra credit, they have participated to support their classmates in earning extra credit and ultimately the pizza party. I am awed and delighted to see these sweet, brilliant students becoming 7th graders!!

Back Up Plan

If we don't reach our entire goal we will...Have a party with what funding we do receive:)

Fundraiser Updates (1)

Some Team Memphis and Team Samford Basketballers

April 23, 2014

Damien shows proper TCAP Basketball shooting form:

Jibril sinks a 3-pointer for Team Samford:


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I love my job because my 6th graders surprise me every day! There is never a dull moment as I have the privilege to watch them develop into successful middle school students.

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