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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will purchase materials that encourage my writers!  Teachers were told after school was in session that manual pencil sharpeners would no be replaced or stocked by our building.  An electric pencil sharpener was supplied to each classroom last year.  However, mine has broken three times and spends more time being sent back to the company than in does in our classroom.  I want to remove bumps in the road for my fast track class of fourth graders!  I would like to have several manual wall mounted pencil sharpeners installed (along with a few replacement backups).  When my students are working hard solving their long division or multiplication problems, I want them to have a close by location of a manual pencil sharpener.  Some students do not like the sound or physical motion required to manually sharpen a pencil.  I would love the opportunity to place a permanent electric pencil sharpener in my classroom for my students.  My fourth graders complete many writing tasks throughout the school year.  It would be wonderful to have a quick and quiet electric sharpener they can utilize for required written work.  I would like to have an electronic pencil sharpener that I can house in our school library.  This is the meeting location for our "Just Say No Club".  Club members complete various projects, thank you notes, and activities where written expression is required.  A pencil sharpener in our meeting location would be beneficial to the students.  Many times our club members construct posters advertising upcoming events.  A set of 24 Sharpies will let my students have additional choices to advertise our club events!   Last but not least, a pencil sharpener is meaningless without pencils!  I am requesting high quality pencils that I can give to all of my students.  Some of my students own pencils, and many do not.  I frequently provide these supplies, and this request will aid in my goal of making sure my learners have the tools of the trade! 

Requested items I plan on ordering from

1-School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener ($31.13)

4-X-Acto Model KS-Table or Wall Mount Sharpeners ($9.99 x 4 = $39.96)

1-X-Acto ProX Elect Pencil Sharpener with Smart Stop Gray and Black ($53.75)

3-Dixon Ticonderoga Wood #2 Pencils 96 count ($19.85 x 3 = $59.85)

1-Sharpie Assorted Colors 24-Pack ($12.75)

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase as many of the listed supplies as I can.  I will entertain the idea of holding a fundraising event with my "Just Say No Club" members to acquire the desired materials. 

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I enjoy teaching fourth grade at West Elementary School. My students are hard working and curious about the world they live in! They inspire me to be a life long learner! I am also one of our school's Just Say No leaders. This is a club only offered to fourth and fifth grade students. I lead lessons and events that educate about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Throughout the school year we celebrate many events that are drug and alcohol free!

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