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With these funds I will... Get2ISTE! I have been trying to find my way to ISTE2015, but so far my other routes have been unsuccessful. I wrote a grant proposal to be a 2015 Fund for Teachers Fellow. I tried to sing and dance (poorly) to win the ISTE2015 social media contest for free registration and hotel accommodations (see above). If this campaign is successful...I will make a music video about my experience and shout out (sing out?) to all of those who helped me along the way. Who doesn't want to see that? 

Why do I want to Get2ISTE so badly anyway?

Adam Bellow in his ISTE 2013 Keynote centered his message to educators around one idea, “You are invited to change the world.” When I watched a recording of this keynote last year I teared up because of how powerful his message was.  It reminded me of how our chief purpose in the classroom is to change our students in order to change our world. I want to learn from educators that are taking this invitation and letting it drive their classrooms every day. I want to learn new techniques to awaken sleepy but brilliant minds that are giftedly bored. I want to make the connections and tools I need to empower my stereotype defying young ladies who tell me that they want to seek a career in Science and Technology. I want every student to leave our school feeling like a competent digital citizen who knows how to harness the power of technology to improve their learning and life.

I teach at a small magnet middle school for advanced academics where the majority of our students qualify as gifted learners. According to my job description I am the Latin teacher of our school where I serve every single student through various levels of Latin from their 6th grade year up to the 8th.  In my time here at this special school I feel that my title has expanded through my duties, passions, and students’ needs. I feel that I am a teacher of Latin with a concentration on Heart and Technology. These are anchors that guide my planning. I, above all else, want my students to leave my classroom better young people than they came to me in 6th grade. I, of course, want them to learn about Latin and the ways that a classical education can benefit them even in our modern world. I believe that technology is an inextricable piece of that modern world. Technology can help to open doors for my students in their education (personal and at school) and futures. 

$1,500? "That's a lot!" (You're telling me.)

This number was determined based on the following:

Travel: I am estimating $400-500 including airfare as well as travel from the airport to hotel accommodations. When comparing airfare from Raleigh, North Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I found that a roundtrip ticket price for economy airfare departing on June 27th and returning July 2nd averages between $345-400 (including taxes and fees). These numbers were collected from travel websites: Kayak, Priceline, Google Flights, and Orbitz. The rest of the travel budget would include a taxi or Uber ride to and from the airport. Based on a flat rate for this service is estimated as around $30 one way for a total of $60.  Uber estimated at the lowest $45 for this same drive for a total of $90.

Hotel Accommodations: I am requesting $1,100 for to cover hotel costs. This number reflects official attendee housing with ISTE for their lowest price room available today (and they're going away by the day, unfortunately!).



Back Up Plan

If possible, I will my funds to still attend ISTE2015 virtually through ISTELive. Otherwise, I will use the funds to purchase materials for my classroom that will aid me in creating on demand materials for my students. 

Fundraiser Updates (2)

Pre-ISTE Update

June 1, 2015

I just wanted to give an update to say thank you to my amazing supporters and investors. Thanks to your support, I am all set to be heading to ISTE2015 later this month! I can't wait. I have been able to reserve my housing and book my very first plane ticket! I have already been going through the ISTE program and favoriting sessions that will help me to be a better teacher for my amazing students.

I will be reaching out to my investors to say thank you more personally, but I thought an informal update was definitely due. When I set this cause up, I would have never imagined I would be able to raise over 100% of my goal. Any funds I do not spend on this trip will be earmarked for purchases for my students to use in our classroom. After ISTE I will share a breakdown of where exactly these funds have gone. 

Again, thank you so much. I wouldn't be on my way to ISTE without you all! 

Free Registration!

April 27, 2015

Since ISTE has officially announced the winners,  I can officially publicly share that I  won 2nd runner up in the ISTE conference (with the help of my awesome students). This means that I received free registration which saved me almost $400! I already adjusted my goal down to reflect just the travel costs. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me so far. It means more to me than you know. I am so excited about this opportunity and being able to bring this learning back to my peers and students. It is such an honor to be a teacher at my awesome school. I just want to keep learning and growing to be the best I can be for them!

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Frieza May 13, 2015

(Gives Amy a cookie)

Todd Moton May 7, 2015

Good luck w/ your fund raising--sounds like a great opportunity!!

Joan Finger (Pat) May 2, 2015

Have a great trip. Your round trip from airport is from Destiny who thinks you are sooooo special. We'll follow your progress and try to do more,if necessary.

Julie Lea April 22, 2015

Honored and glad to help one of the most positive and supportive teachers I know! You rock Mrs. Runtz and sing well too!!

Paula and Josie Patch April 18, 2015

Mrs. Runtz is one of the people who make Brown Summit Middle School great!

Harnatkiewicz April 18, 2015

The Harnatkiewicz Clan wishes you the best of luck! Thanks for caring about the kids so much!

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I am living the dream as a Latin teacher at a middle school for advanced academics in Greensboro, North Carolina. At my school I am very fortunate to teach every single student. I love my job and my students. My biggest goal in going to ISTE is to learn more so that I can be better for them.

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