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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will buy tablets for my students to use in the classroom. In this fast paced and growing world, technology has become extremely important in our everyday lives. Students find more engagement when using electronics during the school day. There are many educational apps and systems that help promote this love of learning. It is important for students to not only find engagement through use of technology, but also taught how to appropriately use it. I plan on teaching them how technology can help make life better and how it can also get them ready for their future. 

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If we do not reach our goal I will purchase only a few tablets where students can use them in a small group setting. 

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My name is LeighAnne Lewis. I currently teach 4th grade Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art. I've been an educator for 6 amazing years. I absolutely enjoy teaching and feel blessed to have found my passion. To keep up with todays digital growing world, I incorporate a lot of technology in my daily lessons. My Goal is raise enough money to buy tablets for my students to use in the classroom to help promote engagement in S.T.E.M based learning.

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