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With these funds I will be able to create a classroom library full of adventure and enjoyment for my students.  I have 45 ELA students that I teach daily.  I am in need of novels that meet various reading and interests levels.  I will be purchasing books in order to update my  classroom library with current literature and new authors. I am hoping to purchase 50-70 novels that range from $6.00-$13.00.  These novels will cover various genres of literature:  realistic fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy, along with graphic and adventure novels.  Some of the award-winning novels I am looking to purchase include:  Smiles, Sisters, The Magicians Elephant, Al Capone Does my Homework, Stargirl, Pax, Brian's Winter, Brian's Return, The River, Hoot, and A Long Walk to Water.  These are just a few of the 50-70 books I would like to purchase for my students.  The need for novels in my classroom exceeds anything else that is needed.  Without these novels my students are not able to have the experiences that great literature offers.  These novels will allow students to read at their various reading and interest levels.  My goal is to foster a love of reading.  Students who read books that are interesting to them read more and become lifelong readers. 

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If I do not meet my goal I will still purchase as many books as possible.

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I am a fifth grade ELA teacher in a small school district. I have been teaching for over 20 years in the same district. I truly enjoy teaching and try to instill the importance and love of reading in my students daily. Reading is the foundation of everything that a person does in life; therefore, it is extremely important for students to learn to read and enjoy it.