Creative Writing through Skype: Inspiring Writers While Traveling the World by Beverly Ladd, Pine Valley Elementary verified non-profit

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Jun 15, 2015
Ends Jul 15, 2015
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Technology
Class Size: 50
Grade: 2nd 

With these funds I will incorporate creative writing through Skype to give 50 students, 2 classes (2nd grade) an interactive writing lesson that will foster and inspire their writing. As a Skype Master Teacher, I know the importance of interactive engaging lesson for students. I want my Skype sessions/lessons to be meaningful and engaging at the same time. Even though an introductory lesson with Night in the Zookeeper is free, through Skype in the Classroom, along with one week of utilizing the website to explore and write for students, I want to give my students multiple creative writing sessions and opportunities to create stories of their own. The money would allow 2 classes, or approximately 50 students, to have access to the site for a full year along with multiple Skype sessions with The Night and the Zookeeper. We had chance to do a creative writing lesson with the Night in the Zookeeper this past April. During the lesson students had to first draw a character and a scene that went along with the story that the Night in the Zookeeper was sharing with the students, then the students were able to explore the site, create additional characters and continue working on their own version of a story. As the lesson progressed students were picked to read the students they had created using the site. Students were also able to tweet with him before and after the Skype session to ask questions and show him their work. Two months after the Skype lesson students were still actively engaged and writing using the creative writing format of the website. Help me create this inspiring opportunity for my students in the upcoming year. 



If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal I will try to elicit funds through the mini grant I am awarded through my school's PTA every year. 

Beverly Ladd

Teacher, Pine Valley Elementary

I teach 2nd grade at a Title 1 school in Wilmington, NC. I love to integrate technology in my classroom that connects students to other students and classroom globally. My students have a class twitter account where they tweet while learning and connecting with students all over the world. Some of my favorite lessons include Skype, blogging, and creating their own learning using ipads.

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Susie Reilly June 22, 2015

Good Luck! I am so excited to see your progress on Twitter. You are my heroes. Thank you for showing others the way by sharing your journey.

Bryan L. Miller June 20, 2015

Hi Beverly,

Just a little something to help you move forward, from a fellow Twitter user! Enjoy and be sure to check me out at and @EdTechNerd

Good luck! I LOVE what you are doing with your students!

Bryan L. Miller
Educational Technology Consultation
Director of Educational Technology at Pine Crest School, FL

Kristin Hicks June 18, 2015

Keep inspiring students! Have a great time skyping and writing!

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