A Safe Place to Read

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

     With these funds I will transform part of our classroom into a safe and comfortable reading environment. Many of our students face socioeconomic and family related obstacles that prevent them from having the resources and a quiet place to enjoy a book. I teach my ELA curriculum through literacy stations and a calm, comfortable place to concentrate on reading is vital to its effectiveness to reach students.

     I would use this reading area to inspire independent reading and reflection. Students will write reader response blog posts focusing on the curriculum concepts we are studying (author's purpose, figurative language, plot structure.) They will be more engaged when they can self-select reading material based on their interests.

These kids need and deserve any support you could give. Help me make an impact on their learning. Thanks in advance.

Seating ($969.03)


Bookcase ($188.36)


Area Rug ($73.51)


Books ($497.03)







Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal I will purchase as many books as I can to give them a variety of genres to choose from in an attempt to spark a passion for reading.

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About the Creator

I am a middle school teacher in Concord, California serving underprivileged students who have a passion for learning. I strive to teach them Language Arts skills that will help them be successful in High School and beyond. I feel blessed every day that this is my mission.