Ozobots for Pine Valley Rockstars

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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My students love to create. In the classroom we often think of creating in the traditional sense of paper, markers, glue, and scissors. But if we are preparing our students to be successful in the digital age, we need to allow them to create digitally as well. That is why I want to introduce my students to Ozobots. Having Ozobots would allow for students to practice and enhance their coding skills during the school day and for coding club. Learning the coding language and applying it will prepare students to think creatively and to solve real world problems. Coding provides more opportunities to integrate literacy and math through a different medium. Ozobots will allow students to practice concepts with distance, rate, angles and friction.We will also utilize the Ozobot website which provides detailed, standards- aligned lesson plans.

In our classroom learning is collaborative, personalized and differentiated.This will fuel my students’ creativity and allow them to engage with the content we are learning about. If this sounds like an opportunity you wish you could have had as a student, please consider investing in our cause. Your generous investment brings this awesome tool one step closer to our students.

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I will try to supplement the remaining amount with my own funds or through another fundraising source.

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I teach 2nd grade at a Title 1 school in Wilmington, NC. I love to integrate technology in my classroom that connects students to other students and classroom globally. My students have a class twitter account where they tweet while learning and connecting with students all over the world. Some of my favorite lessons include Skype, blogging, and creating their own learning using ipads.

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