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Learning is a process that mirrors an epic adventure in many ways. There are ups and downs, and challenges to overcome. This year I want to integrate Classcraft into my classroom to really engage my students and show them how exciting learning can be. Classcraft is a platform that gamifies the classroom and transforms them into an immersive adventure that take student motivation and collaboration to the next level.

Classcraft puts students in teams so they have to depend on each other to thrive. When school becomes less of an individual experience and more of a collective one, students encourage each other more and start looking out for one another. With Classcraft I am able to award students points for any exemplary classroom behavior whether it is leading a classroom discussion, helping another student through a difficult problem, or working as a team to find a solution. As students earn points, they progress through the game. By giving students powers that help their team and themselves, all of a sudden, being nice to one another and engaging in class takes on a whole new meaning.

It would be amazing if you were able to support this awesome opportunity for my students and my classroom. Any investment, regardless of size, brings Classcraft and all of its benefits one step closer to my students. If you are not able to invest, please consider sharing this out through social media to help spread the word. Thank you so much in advance!

Here is the breakdown of our goal of $123.71 for Classcraft

Classcraft Premium Annual Subscription (x1)$120.00
Stripe payment processing fee$3.71
Total goal amount$123.71

Back Up Plan

I will utilize the funds to earn as much of the annual subscription to Classcraft that I can for my students.

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Lynn Bartels March 4, 2021

Thanks for thinking outside the box for teaching your students. I bet they have a blast in your class. I like how this encourages them to help each other!

Have fun!
Aunt Lynn

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