100% Mastery: ScootPad In Our Classroom

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

Every year there is a struggle with differentiation. Every one of my students has different strengths and weaknesses in every subject. This year I want to ensure that every student is being met at their level.

With ScootPad students will go through 8 research-backed steps that makes sure that mastery has been achieved at the end. This will allow differentiation to occur for every student while also enabling them to meaningfully engage with the technology that is available to us.

All of these amazing features will be available to my students through your generous investments. Every dollar brings us one step closer to having ScootPad in our classroom this year.

Here is the breakdown of our goal of $728.05 for Scootpad

Scootpad Site License (x100)$597.00
PledgeCents partner product sourcing and logistics$72.80
PledgeCents fulfillment and labor$36.40
WePay payment and processing fee$21.84
Total goal amount$728.05


The amounts calculated above are used to ensure the fundraising goal covers all fees. Actual fees will be calculated and collected on a per transaction basis, therefore total amounts may vary once the fundraiser ends. Calculated fees consist of a 10% sourcing fee, 5% fulfillment & labor fee and 3% processing fee.

Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal I will purchase books and differentiated materials to meet my students' needs.

Fundraiser Updates (1)

Thank You

October 25, 2017

We did not meet our goal, but we are not giving up.  We have relaunched our cause and hope to meet our goal in the next 60 days.


Thank you so much!

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Deidre J.Sealey September 12, 2017

Hope you meet your goal.
I continue to be so proud of you.

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I am a 7th year English Language Arts educator. I am new to the North Carolina area and eager to make positive impact in the community and the lives of my students.

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Deidre Sealey

9 months ago