The 100 Mile Classroom

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

With these funds I will make a fully integrated Citizen Science Program and Outdoor Education Project possible. There are 70 students directly involved in working on the project but it connects to and impacts our entire High School of 520 students and Elementary School of 325 students. The student body is a diverse representation of North County San Diego, many of which have not been exposed to open space in the area. For the project, we hope to obtain field study and ecological sampling supplies and equipment to do landscape restoration. We are need class sets of journals and art supplies that will make it possible to document the process in a transformative way.

Below is the Project Description that will take what we've done with the "72 mile classroom" project and expand it to reach more students, community members and go farther than ever before.

From Here to There...From There to Here

There’s beauty to discover everywhere...

It all started with the idea that we could be the first group to accomplish the coast to crest hike. From there we looked at issues surrounding adolescent physical and mental health. We now understand that there must be a multifaceted approach but so much has to do with modern culture and the modern tech based classroom. What can we do???

...the 100 mile classroom.

The goal:

Visit the amazing landscapes of San Diego surrounding the San Dieguito River Park and adjacent watersheds...taking in the beauty, understanding the life and participating and being a part of nature as we walk in through it and participate in Citizen Science within it.

The action:

100 miles, 10 days, 5 weeks, 250,000 steps, Limitless Memories  Photograph, Sample, Illustrate, Survey, Analyze, Journal, Read, Paint, Plant, Walk, Climb and Swim

What we make:

Large Scale Landscape Paintings inspired by local artist

A coordinated journal in humanities, art, math and biology

  • 100 pages

  • 10 pages per place

Thematic Ideas

  • 10 chapters in the development of who we are as part of nature.

  • Sketch book illustrations w/ water color and mixed media art pieces in the field

  • Artwork with a connection to biological sampling

  • Creative writing based on poetry, reflection and discovery

  • Art therapy exercises, walk therapy and discovery to connect to nature

  • Photography

  • Hand-drawn maps

Land Survey and Topography Map using (CAD and GIS software)

Documentary detailing the journey



Carolina Biological Field Testing Equipment

Journals and Art Supplies

Irrigation supplies (Drip and PVC)

Landscaping Tools

Native Plant Starts


Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal we will still continue with the project on a scaled back plan. Though it would tie everything together, we would have to halt the plans for habitat restoration to native plants within the River Park.

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About the Creator

I am a former park ranger and surf school director that has transitioned to teaching high school in a project based setting in order to connect students to high level content within an outdoor setting.

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