The Next Generation: Help Bring Nearpod To My Classroom by Hilary Grant, White Lake Middle School

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Feb 16, 2017
Ends Mar 18, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Technology
Partner: Nearpod
Class Size: 150
Grade: 8th 

My students are constantly engaging with the technology around them. At our school we are lucky to have access to more devices than ever before, but leveraging these tools into effective learning experiences instead of a distraction can be a struggle. This year, I want to use these devices to make my classroom more interactive and engaging using Nearpod.

Nearpod turns basic presentations into interactive lessons that includes polls, open-ended questions, and multimedia content that every student can engage with. I will also be able to monitor all of the devices and student answers to clear up any misconceptions in real-time. This platform will allow all students to be a part of the learning experience and can be differentiated to meet the needs of all the students in my classroom. Nearpod also has a full content library where I can get highly curated, standards aligned lessons. The best part? Some even come with Virtual Reality experiences! I can’t wait to show my students this awesome technology.

I will also have access to Nearpod’s Common Sense Digital Citizenship curriculum based on research from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education covering important topics like Cyberbullying, Online Safety, Privacy & Security, and more!

This all sounds great doesn’t it? This is where you come in. A Nearpod Gold Account costs $120 per year and your generous investment would give my students access to all of these amazing features. Help me make sure that this is not another year of dusty computer carts and unengaging software!

Here is the breakdown in cost for fundraising for Nearpod

  • Nearpod - $100.00
  • Preferred Partner Program - $11.80
  • PledgeCents Platform Fee - $5.90
  • Total - $118.00 (rounded up to the nearest dollar)

If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal I will least one license for a teacher piloting blended learning during classroom instruction. 

Suggested Investments


Star Student

My students and I greatly appreciate your generous donation!
Invest $25


Room Representative

Wow! Your donation at this level will lay the foundation to a successful cause and a very excited classroom.
Invest $50


Class President

You have gone above and beyond! This donation amount will put you in the history books (for our class).
Invest $75



This is a game changer! Words can't describe how thankful our class is for your support.
Invest $100

Hilary Grant

8th Grade US History Teacher, White Lake Middle School

I have been teaching for 25 years and teaching 8th grade US History for nearly all of that time. I am a history and technology teacher at White Lake Middle School for the last 5 years.

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This Cause Has Ended

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