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Why "Invest"?
Why "Invest"? We use the term "invest" to symbolize your investment in a student's future through a better education.
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Class Size: 50
Grade: K - 1st 

These funds will put a roof on a new primary school in Tanzania, Africa!

We are an organization that for the past 10 years, has sought to provide care for orphaned and vulnerable Tanzanian children in a family-like environment (

Along the way we have come face to face with the challenges to education for children in Tanzania.  These challenges include an average student to teacher ratio of 89:1, limited textbooks and classroom resources, teacher violence, and student drop-out (  We have felt called to open a primary school to serve our children as well as other children in the community in future.

Our goal is to begin with a kindergarten and first grade class, and the new school year in Tanzania begins in January 2018.  We had enough funding to cover the cost of laying a foundation, pouring the floor, and putting up the walls of our classroom building, and construction crews are currently working away.

Please consider helping us to top off the building project with a roof!

If we do not meet our goal...

Our kindergarten and first grade classes will meet in a temporary location until we have enough funds to complete our building project.

Suggested Investments


Support Beam

Every $25 will buy one of the pieces of metal that makes up a purlin, a horizontal beam that runs the length of a roof and supports the rafters. We're in need of 75 pieces.
Invest $25


Student Sponsor

Every donation puts us one step closer to starting our first two classrooms, which together will have the capacity to hold 50 children someday.
Invest $50


Construction Crew Member

30 donations of $100 will cover the cost of labor for putting on the roof.
Invest $100


Integral Framework

$150 covers the cost of one truss, the framework consisting of rafters, posts, and struts, that supports a roof. Our roof will need 15 trusses.
Invest $150


Keep the Rain Out

If 25 people give $200, we will be able to buy enough "bati," sheets of corrugated metal roofing, to cover our classroom building.
Invest $200

Mavuno Village Team

Communications Coordinator, Mavuno Children and Family Ministries

Mavuno Village has been providing holistic care to orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania since 2004. Next year we are expanding to include a primary school! Tree of Life Academy will begin with its first classes, a kindergarten and a first grade, in January of 2018.

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Aurora, Colorado

Mavuno Children and Family Ministries is currently supporting Mavuno Village. Mavuno Village is a culturally appropriate, agriculturally minded, Christ-centered, family-style orphanage located in Tanzania, Africa.

We seek to maintain our children's home culture in an effort to both honor and transform their culture. As the next generation of Tanzanians, our hope is that these kids will grow up to impact their community, country, and world.

We believe God created families as the context in which we learn about love and relationships, life and godliness. Through the homes and families they are placed in, our kids are also connected to school, church, and village life.

We encourage our families to model hard work and sustainable agriculture in their efforts to grow, use, and market various crops on the land. As part of an agrarian society, it is important for these kids to learn and practice successful farming.

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Connie Bazil September 13, 2017

Thanks Bethany, for the updates and photos. God be with you all in your work and may God bless your students and community.

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