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As a dedicated educator with nearly 12 years of experience, I understand how crucial the classroom environment is for shaping students' behavior. I am thrilled to embark on my second year at a small public school in Onamia, MN, where I will be moving up with my students to 3rd grade.

I am passionate about introducing more flexible and comfortable seating options to elevate the learning environment. Last year, I empowered students to choose where they felt most comfortable working, whether it was standing, at a table, or on the carpet. By incorporating flexible seating in the classroom, we can create a dynamic and comfortable learning environment that enhances student engagement, focus, and collaboration. Options such as wobble stools, bean bags, floor chairs, and cushions will cater to various learning styles and preferences. Extensive research supports that allowing students to select their seating positively impacts their academic performance and overall well-being. Investing in flexible seating will not only enrich the learning experience but also emphasize our commitment to establishing a modern and inclusive educational environment.


Items I am hoping to purchase:

1. Set of 8 floor cushions - $51.99 

2. Floor lap desks 8 pack - $195.25

3. Floor chair with adjustable back - $47.69 (4x) = $190.79

4. Wiggle seat cushions 4 pack - $39.99

5. ECR4Kids wave seat 2 pack - $99.99 (3x) = $299.97

6. Modular sofa - $178.99

7. Big Joe Grab and Go 2-pack travel bean bag chairs - $43.36


Items can be viewed via my Amazon Registry 

The items are listed in order of priority. Items labeled as "Most Wanted" are top priority, while the other items are alternatives in case the preferred item is unavailable.

This is an Amazon wedding registry, which allows donors to make smaller donations towards larger items if you prefer to purchase or contribute directly through Amazon.

Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal, I will purchase as many items from the list as possible, starting with the most essential. 

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Jonna duke June 18, 2024

Shanny thank you thank you for exploring options with your students!

Melanie Rasmussen June 18, 2024

I hope you get all you need Shanny! Your students are so blessed to have you, as my kiddo was❤️

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Hi, I'm Ms. Shanny. I was a Montessori educator for almost 12 years. I now teach at a small public school in Onamia, MN.