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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

This year I want to implement littleBits electronic learning blocks in my classroom so my students are able to develop their creative confidence and curiosity. With littleBits my students will be able to use the color coded building blocks to create and test inventions both big and small. This way they can use both their hands and brains to solve real world problems when their isn’t a clear solution. I want to emphasize to my students that they don’t have to be just consumers of technology, they can also be inventors.

littleBits are comprised of 60 different color-coded modules that can be connected to make over a million different electronic combinations. Students are able to use different combinations buzzers, switches, lights, wheels and more to create anything that they put their mind to.

This is where you come in! With every generous donation that is made littleBits will be one step closer to my students’ hands.

Here is the breakdown in cost for fundraising for littleBits

  • littleBits - $284.95
  • Preferred Partner Program - $33.60
  • PledgeCents Platform Fee - $16.80
  • Total - $336.00 (rounded up to the nearest dollar)

Back Up Plan

I will purchase as many Bits as possible for my classroom so my students are able to experience these wonderful kits.

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