Connecting our Community with a Little Library

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

The end of the school day should not be the end of the day for learning.


With the money raised we want to purchase two library boxes for $120.00 to have situated within 3 miles of Pine Valley Elementary for students to have a community book exchange. This will allow students to have a variety of books to choose from at their fingertips. Our school has over 600 students, plus we have students in the community who are home schooled, attend a year-round school, who this will impact. Research indicates ” that many students do not choose to read often or in great quantities. And as students get older, the amount of reading they do decreases” (  With these library boxes closer to their homes students will have more access to books giving them more opportunities to read more. After we obtain the funds for the project we plan to register with so other people in the community will be a part of the library book exchange. We hope this project will tighten the spirit of all the generations living in the surrounding neighborhood of our school as we share our love of reading together.



Mini Library Boxes-  $120.00 each (total $240.00)

Shipping- $60.00

Poles-  2 ( 4x4 Post) - $11.87 each

Cement-  $3.25


Total- 326.99

PledgeCents cut- 8% -$26.00

Grand Total- $352.00

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase the materials for at least one of the little libraries and will save the reminder to enough money can be collected to obtain a second one. 

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I teach 2nd grade at a Title 1 school in Wilmington, NC. I love to integrate technology in my classroom that connects students to other students and classroom globally. My students have a class twitter account where they tweet while learning and connecting with students all over the world. Some of my favorite lessons include Skype, blogging, and creating their own learning using ipads.

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