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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will...

purchase items for a school store.  Students at Shreve Island earn positive points for good behavior.  I would like to turn these points into something tangible.  Students will be able to exchange their points for Shreve Island Dollars. These dollars would be used in the to purchase items or free time in a school store.  Additionally, having a store would introduce students to the concepts of spending wisely and saving. 

Our students learn how to be leaders of themselves.  Having a store would allow them more opportunities to practice leadership skills.

We will purchase items for a school store, a cart to transport these items to recess (where students will be able to purchase items), a Wii U and a basketball arcade game (so students can buy some free time playing with friends).

Mega Toy Assortment: $37 x 5 = $185

Premium Treasure Chest: $131 x 4 = $524

Trinity 3-Tier Utlity Cart: $72

Wii U: $300

Treasure Chest: $35

Basketball Arcade System: $185

Samsung 32-in TV: $170

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase as many items on the list above.

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I work in an elementary school in an iPad Lab (like a computer lab but with iPads). I teach every student in my school in grades K-5. In other words, I serve over 700 students per week. In this role, I teach my students classroom skills, but extend their knowledge using technology. Additionally, I pride myself in introducing all my students to computer programming (even my kindergartners) and teaching them about digital citizenship.
Teaching and training teachers in the use of technology and iPads both in my school and in the surrounding states through workshops extends my ability to influence professionals and their students.

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