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With these funds I will...Connect with like-minded and not so like-minded educators to learn, share, grow...design, question and show. To believe again to inspire, to open our minds, to inspire...along with that, attending ISTE15 will allow me to continue to be the consumate example of life-long learning for the students and teachers I impact on a daily basis. The hope is to learn something that will help me on my mission to redefine education in order to meet my students where they are. 

The requested funds will cover ISTE registration, membership and access to the conference from June 28 - July 1, 2015 ($433), Roundtrip airfare from Dallas, TX to Philadelphia, PA ($350). Unfortunately, hotels near the Philadelphia Convention Center are costly during this time of the year. $280 per night is the average rate currently bringing hotel cost to $1,120 prior to taxes. Total of $1,903 before taxes.

Is the trip and experience worth it?

Prior to attending my first ISTE in 2013, I didn't realize there was a world filled with brilliant educators trying to do the very same things I was attempting in the classroom by essentially meeting students where they were. Since attending this conference, the impact I've been blessed to have with students, teachers and administrators have far exceeded my expectations. Due the connections I made, my reach has expanded ten-fold. Now the passion matches the skill and that skill has created an opportunity to influence others.

Going to ISTE15 is important to me because I can only get so much where I am. Having a wealth of knowledge and resources at arms reach is an experience that can't be described. You can't measure the growth that takes place while trying to soak everything in at this conference, but I certainly would like to try. More importantly, my current position has provided a platform of influence. However, in order to lead the next innovative idea, I need and want to learn from the best. I hear they will all be at ISTE.

However, the true reason I want to go to ISTE is to gain ways to expose other minority educators to the power of technology in the classroom. My wish is not to gain the knowlege for myself, but to go and find a way to bridge the gaps and level the playing field so that all students can have a chance to succeed. If I don't go, no one will and our children will be the ones who remain disadvantaged. In the past 2 years, what I have been able to build for our children has allowed us to make tremendous leaps and bounds. So imagine how much closer we can get to the moon if I keep fueling the passion for learning. That learning takes place at ISTE. 

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase...pay for a portion of the trip. If I have to drive, catch the bus, or hitchhike, I must get there. 

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I am a 1:1 Technology Integration Specialist in North Texas. My passion is finding ways to bridge the Digital Divide for our students while creating exposure opportunities that inspires our kids to believe they can achieve the impossible.

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