Pretend Play in Pre-K

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

With these funds I will take three classes of Prek students on a field trip to Adventure Avenue. This is a play based learning center where our students can practice what they have been learning all year. At Lewis and Clark, we use a play based learning curriculum where students learn about different areas of the community all year! They learn to play and learn in pretend restaurants, grocery stores, doctor's offices, and pet care.  All of these areas are represented at Adventure Avenue. 

Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal I will continue to fundraise until our goal is reached. 

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I teach Pre-K at Lewis and Clark Elementary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have taught various grade levels in Tulsa Public Schools for the past 16 years. I was born in Tulsa and have been married to my husband the past 12 years.