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This Cause Has Ended
Launched Mar 17, 2015
Ends Apr 15, 2015
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Art/Photography
Class Size: 23
Grade: 5th 

Spring Has Sprung!  My inquisitive fifth grade students will begin a Science Plants Unit of Study soon.  In order to make this unit more engaging and authentic, I would like each student to have the opportunity to plant flower seeds in their very own decorated clay pot!  This project will present practice opportunities for following multi-step directions, analyzing and choosing optimal growing conditions, and creative self-expression.  With these funds I intend on purchase 23 clay pots, outdoor acrylic paints, petuna seeds, dirt, and the book "Oh Say Can You Seed? All About Flowering Plants." 

Desired Project Materials from Michaels

Clay Pot (quantity of 23)                                           $1.49 p/clay pot

Outdoor acrylic paints (quantity of 8)                         $1.29 p/paint

Desired Project Materials from Amazon.com

Oh Say Can You Seed?  All About Flowering Plants     $7.79

Desired Project Materials from D&D Flower Shop

Petunia Seeds                                                         $6.00

Potting Soil                                                            $10.00

If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase as many clay pots and outdoor acrylic paints as possible.  I will use my own personal funds to supplement any remaining materials needed. 

Lisa Maloney

5th Grade Classroom Teacher, West Elementary School

This is my 14th year of teaching. I am a fifth grade elementary education teacher in Missouri. My talented students thrive from learning opportunities that showcase their creative thinking. I want my students to become academically competitive in the 21st century work force. These 21st century learning skills include; creative expression, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. Projects and inquiry-based learning experiences encompassing these skills often times lead to a higher level of student learning occurring. Your generous donation and support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for investing in tomorrow's leaders!

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West Elementary is an urban public school located in Jefferson City, Missouri. We serve approximately 400 kindergarten thru fifth grade students. West is a Title 1 school with 59% of our student population enrolled in the free and reduced meal program. My co-workers and I strive to provide a consistent, safe, and nurturing environment accompanied by a genuine belief that all of our students can be successful.

Muchas Gracias!

May 6, 2015

Thank you so much for supporting this cross-curricular project!  My students were thrilled to extend their knowledge concerning plants and flowers with this inquiry-based project!  Every student thoroughly enjoyed painting their own flower pot!  Then students planted potting soil and petunias into their pot.  These pots will be a gift to their Mother in honor of Mother's Day!  Thanks again for your interest and support of our educational endeavors.        

Emily J Pea
laura ann rader
Hannah Silver
Lisa Maloney

Lisa Maloney April 7, 2015

Thank you, Emily Pea, for spreading some cheer onto our Science project! We appreciate your interest and support of our learning!

Lisa Maloney April 7, 2015

Thank you so much, Ms. Laura, for your thoughtful donation towards our Science project! You are always thinking of others and spreading random acts of kindness! We love you!!!

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