Pershing MS Mentorship Committee- Embarking Upon Our Community and then...the World!

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will be able to ensure the success of the Mentorship Committee.  Each calender month there will be at least one event.  The first event has already occurred, a meet and greet.  The second is a fundraiser for St Jude by selling Halloween Goodie Bags.  However, we are starting an annual Feed the Hungry event, here at Pershing Middle School.  It will require the purchase of a large quantity of food and minimal advertising (roughly $500 total in cost for that alone). The day and date will be on November 25th, the Tuesday evening before we go on Thanksgiving break.  I am hoping that companies will get word of what we are trying to do and volunteer services/products for the future annual event.  We will also be attending a fashion show ($12 per ticket, 16 attending), which we will need financial assistance to pay for each mentor, and mentee to attend, in December.  The last event that we will attend and that will require financial support will be the culminating field trip in May 2015.  We will be taking a full Saturday trip to the capitol of Texas, Austin.  We have scheduled the tour of the capitol (which is free).  We will also be eating lunch in the park ($10 for food per person) and going to the museum ($8 per person, 20 people) before heading back to Houston.  Matching T-shirts have been designed and the estimated cost of those will be included in the need amount ($14 per shirt, 30 needed).  The overall goal of this group is to support the girls, lift self-esteem and confidence, get them involved in the community while attaining volunteer hours, and the sense of being part of something positive. The girls recommended may be very timid, in their shell.  We also have girls recommended due to behavioral issues and may be deemed ladies with a bad attitude.  They need our support to make them into positive, strong, and confident young ladies. 

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will attempt to write a grant or write to NewsFix.  We need this inception year to be a success. 

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Middle School Teacher who saw the need for a mentorship program to support and develop young ladies in HISD, starting with Pershing Middle School. I have seen the success of it in Norfolk, VA, and even got an Inspirational Reward for my role in its success. I am not seeking another award, just to help ensure our future mothers and/or citizens are a positive, strong force for shaping our world.

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