Dazzling Design: Constructing the Foundation of Future Game Designers by Ryan Brown, Woodland Hills Academy

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Mar 15, 2017
Ends Apr 13, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Technology
Partner: GameSalad
Class Size: 200
Grade: 7th - 8th 

Students love playing and creating games. As the world becomes more focused on technology, these games are taking place on computers, tablets, and other devices. I want my students to be able to create and learn from the virtual games that they play. That is why this year I want to integrate GameSalad into my classroom.

With GameSalad’s curriculum, students can develop real world skills as well as practice concepts that will help improve performance in core subjects like math and science. This includes logic, variables, functions, and optimization. This cross-curricular approach has been proven to improve student engagement as well as critical thinking.

This is where you come in! All of these amazing features come at a small cost and every investment you make brings GameSalad one step closer to my students.

Here is the breakdown in cost for fundraising for GameSalad:

  • Teacher Account (x1) - $1,699.00
  • Preferred Partner Program - $199.90
  • PledgeCents Platform Fee - $99.95
  • Payment Processing Fee - $59.97
  • Total - $1,999.00 (rounded up to the nearest dollar)

If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase materials that support game developmetnt in my classroom.

Ryan Brown

Technology Specialist, Woodland Hills Academy

The technology program at the Academy serves all students enrolled in grades K-8. Current enrollment and direct student reach for this project would be approximately 750 students. Our school district is a highly diverse and high need district. Over 72% of our students are eligible for free and reduced lunches and we service a 68% minority population. Due to economic concerns, many initiatives and resources are not available unless funded through the generosity of donors like you. All students deserve to experience a variety of different learning settings that will foster the development of skills beyond the traditional classroom.

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Woodland Hills Academy is part of the Woodland Hills School District near Pittsburgh. WHSD makes students its first priority. The District provides each student with an excellent educational experience that is driven by the highest expectations and prepares students for meaningful participation in all facets of society.

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