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My students need access to TI-30XS scientific calculators that are the EXACT calculators used on end of the year achievement tests.  With these calculators, I can give them hands-on practice and instruction on how to use the many advanced settings and functions.

With so many different scientific calculators out there, using one common version would be so much easier and clearer to teach students.  Currently, my "classroom set" of calculators consists of a mix I have collected from former students throughout the years. I have about 5 different versions of calculators that are not reliable and some that do not have the necessary functions. Providing a classroom set can make sure every student has an equal opportunity to succeed at using this calculator.

It is unrealistic to ask every student to buy their own calculator.  Over 50% of my students are on free-reduced lunch and can't afford their own. Extreme budget cuts have sidelined all classroom spending, making teachers pay out of pocket for all classroom supplies and resources.  I am looking to purchase 3 sets of 10 calculators ($129.50 each) from EAI Education. Total of the 3 sets including taxes and fees would be $432. (®_TI-30XS_MultiView™_EZ-Spot_Scientific_Calculator_-_Teacher_Pack_(10_Calculators).aspx )

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase as many calculators as I can. A few calculators are better than none! Any extra money will be used to purchase other needed supplies in the classroom (meter sticks, colored paper, notebooks, and gluesticks are a few commonly needed items).

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April 15, 2016

Before this started, I was positive I'd only get half of our goal, so I made the end time 90 days from now. Never would I thought I would have to email the company to shut down the page due to going OVER! So, tonight at midnight this cause will be inactive so we can get your donations and order the calculators BEFORE our next set of tests in 3 weeks!! I can't tell you how excited I am to get them! I told the kids today that amazing people in the world do exist and because of your generosity, we would be getting new calculators. They were so excited! They then told me how much they were confused as to where to find certain functions on the calculators for our recent state assessments last week and how this would be SO helpful to learn. Thank you again for helping invest in students lives and make difficult Algebra concepts a little easier to understand! Because we went over our goal, we will be able to provide calculators for both 8th and 7th grade classrooms! Thank you again SO much!!


April 14, 2016

Feeling SO blessed (and shocked!) from the overwhelming generosity tonight! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! I can't wait to tell the kids tomorrow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I teach 8th grade Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I in Pratt, KS at Liberty Middle School. My main goal is making my classes real-world focused and as hands-on as possible. I try to think outside the box and make Algebra concepts fun and interesting to students.

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