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Launched Jul 15, 2017
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Why "Invest"?
Why "Invest"? We use the term "invest" to symbolize your investment in a student's future through a better education.
Category: English
Partner: WriteSteps
Class Size: 30
Grade: K - 12th 

Every year it seems like it is getting more difficult to get students excited about writing. It is is a critical skill that seems to get lost in the face of technology, video games, and social media. That is why I want to introduce my students to WriteSteps so they can focus on becoming empowered writers while also interacting with the technology they are familiar with.

WriteSteps is a digital curriculum for teachers that can be used with interactive whiteboards, visual projectors, computers, tablets, iPads, and document cameras. The curriculum fuses best practices such as the 6 traits of writing, Writer's Workshop, Multiple Intelligences, and Bloom's Taxonomy. This means that my students will be exposed to a robust writing curriculum without it feeling dry or boring.

It would be amazing if you could support our fundraiser for WriteSteps and help my students become empowered writers. Your generous investment brings this amazing program one step closer to our classroom.

Here is the breakdown of our goal of $638.14 for WriteSteps

WriteSteps Student Platform Subscription (x1)$619.00
WePay payment and processing fee$19.14
Total goal amount$639.00

If we do not meet our goal...

I will use the funds that I raise to support as much from WriteSteps great product that I can.

Hawanda Ashby

Teacher, Lewis E. Rowe Elementary School

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