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As many of you know I am a recent graduate from the University of Dayton. I studied Education and am excited to continue my passion as I head into the classroom. After joining Teach For America, and completing my training this summer I am thrilled and driven to begin my career in South Carolina this August. With these funds I will stock my classroom to the best of my ability to provide a welcoming and safe environment for my students. I am responsible for my classroom as well as the 20-30 students that I will be educating within this space. With this being said as a first year teacher I am aware that students need basic supplies to be successful as well as pushed to grow to their full potential. 

Every dollar I raise will be put towards classroom supplies as well as supplies to further my students comfort and safety in the classroom. Every student that walks through my classroom door deserves quality education and that starts with a teacher that cares about them. A teacher that cares about them as individuals, which includes their educational as well as personal needs. 


Supplies Needed: 


One of my biggest hopes as a teacher is to encourage my students to read. No matter what grade level their reading is I want them to advance in reading and enjoy reading. I hope to create a classroom library that is accessible to each and every student! 

Other Supplies-

Lined paper

3X5 index cards

pencils (lots of pencils!)

pencil sharpener

colored pencils



two-pocket folders

mini deodorant

snack size gold fish, pretzels, and granola bars

Packs of socks

anchor chart paper


clorox wipes

hand sanitizer

broom and dust pan

Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal I will prioritize supplies that will benefit my students the most. These supplies include the essentials that ensure each student is able to participate and actively engage in every lesson. 

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Kristen B July 17, 2018

Good luck! We miss you in St A

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As many of you know I have joined a program called Teach For America. I will be teaching third grade in South Carolina. My passion for every child to have a quality education has led me here. I am excited to begin this journey, starting with getting my classroom ready for the fall!

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