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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will...

purchase Kindle Fires for my class to use during math instruction.  My students desperately need practice with fact fluency.  Having these Kindle Fires in my room will allow my students more opportunities to practice their math facts.  Additionally, Kindle will increase student motivation. I will also use the Kindle Fires for language instruction.  My students will use them as e-readers.  Additionally, they will use apps and the internet to practice on language skills.  Many of my students are behind in their reading skills and many are unmotivated to read.  Using Kindles will aide in their motivation.  Additionally, my students who are behind will be able to read books on their personal level without the other students noticing the discrepancies.  Oftentimes, my lower students choose chapter books to "read" in class even if they are too hard.  They don't want the other students making fun of them for reading "baby books."  The great thing about a Kindle is that no one can tell what book you're reading.  Kindles also provides great support features for my lower students such as reading aloud the book or making the print bigger.

My students are hard working and fun loving.  They deserve every opportunity I can offer to help them succeed.


I will purchase 2 Kindle Fires: $99.99 each.


Back Up Plan

I will purchase...one Kindle Fire for my classroom.

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I am a 2nd grade teacher at Shreve Island. I have been teaching for several years and Shreve Island is the only place I have ever worked--I even did my student teaching there. I love it and never want to leave.

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