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This Cause Has Ended
Launched Feb 16, 2017
Ends Mar 18, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
Category: General
Class Size: 30
Grade: 5th 

Centers give my students the opportunity to work in small groups and build connections with the material that we are learning in class. This time to work in small groups develops their problem solving skills and allows them to push past just a basic understanding of concepts. Students love the opportunity to work in centers but it is really important that these activities are organized and engaging to keep students focused. I will be fundraising for the following supplies to get centers set up and started in my classroom:

If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal, I will use the funds raised to purchase as many different supplies to get my centers set up as possible.
Suggested Investments


Star Student

My students and I greatly appreciate your generous donation!
Invest $25


Room Representative

Wow! Your donation at this level will lay the foundation to a successful cause and a very excited classroom.
Invest $50


Class President

You have gone above and beyond! This donation amount will put you in the history books (for our class).
Invest $75



This is a game changer! Words can't describe how thankful our class is for your support.
Invest $100

Jackie Spencer

5th grade teacher, Andrew Cooke Magnet School

This is my first year teacher 5th grade at a magnet school. I'm learning much!

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This Cause Has Ended

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